So what's next ISIS?

ISIS has already established that it is quiet more dangerous than Alqaeda and any other terrorist group that has existed. Even Hamas has complained about its brutality and has added that would like to work with ISIS to combat Israel and the Jewish people.


These past weeks and days; ISIS took over once again and did its tasks by the dessert, and it seems like not many are aware of what is going on, or yet choose to ignore it.

For example, ISIS is systematically enslaving women and allowing fighters to rape them. However, some women were saved by smugglers who have been negotiating with the Islamic group for as much as $10,000/person, according to Mashable magazine. Not only that, but the Islamic group’s recruiting on social media is growing, especially Twitter that is easy for people to get access to the group and fly to Syria to join them. A recent example is Harlem Suarez, who was accused of the intent to set a bomb in one of the beaches in Key West. The 23 year-old is now facing life in prison. 

Let’s also not forget the following crimes that happened just in the month of July: 

·      At least 30 people have died and 76 were hurt  in the city of Suruc due to the suicide bombing caused and produced by ISIS, according to the prime minister of Turkey Ahment Davutoglu.   

·      In Sinai, Egypt, five soldiers died and four were hurt during a terrorist attack The Egyptian army spokesman informed that the Egypt is facing one of the most armed, Islamic, extremist groups in Sinai. 

·      ISIS published a video that shows the decapitation of an official from the Syrian army at the hands of a minor in Homs, Syria.  The video is as long as four minutes and a half. The disturbing images show how the minor is cutting the head off the captain with a knife.  According, to the Syrian Observatory of Human Rights, ISIS has recruited more than 1,100 minors who are trained to become soldiers since they invaded Syria.


·      ISIS crucified four people in Syria for not fasting during Ramadan, and locked another 13 in a crate for the entire month.   

·      ISIS threw two men off a tall building in Palmira for committing homosexual acts. They blindfolded them, threw them off the altitude and stoned them once they hit the ground.


·      The Olympic stadium of Ramadi has been officially destroyed by the Islamic organization, said the local police of Iraq.


There is no doubt that ISIS will continue to show off its power, and beliefs through the upcoming days, weeks, months and as long as it can. What we don’t know and still need to figure out is what would be their next step? How would ISIS continue to terrorize the world and, what would be its take on the deal with Iran if signed?