Beats & Brains: My voice after The Voice

As I sit, in my apartment in the heart of Tel Aviv, sipping my morning coffee it's a bit surreal to think about how I ended up here.
I moved to Israel three years ago for a chance to pursue my dreams. Well that was the plan anyway!
I was born and raised in Montreal and music has always been a part of my life. During a summer vacation in Israel I auditioned for the first season of THE VOICE. It was a long shot, so I thought, but eventually I got through and decided to move here and see where it would take me. Moving to Israel was never a farfetched idea for me being that both my parents grew up here and I had been visiting almost every summer since I was a young child.
My experience on THE VOICE was thrilling, and to be honest, it was seriously terrifying in all the right ways. Though I was confident in my abilities as a singer, it was a complete shock to me when I was announced as the winner on the highly rated finale. Needless to say my entire world changed in that moment. I remember it like a slow motion reel in a cheesy 80's movie. The host's faded voice in the background announcing my name, chaos, confetti everywhere, flashing bulbs and me? Well I'm just trying not to mess up the lyrics in my finale song.
In all seriousness though I was really proud of what I had accomplished. I moved far away from everything I had known. In my first week of living in this new place I was already a recognizable face and my voice had been heard on Israel’s highest rated prime time television show. It was hard for me to adjust and it was even harder not to lose myself. I was fortunate enough to meet wonderful like-minded people during my journey on THE VOICE. They introduced me to Israel’s vibrant music scene and taught me so much about what kind of artist I wanted to be. Eventually I built a circle of friends that have now become like family. They keep me grounded and more importantly they make me feel at home.
Home. It's funny to think of Israel as my home. I can say that my experience here since I made Aliyah has been insanely challenging and completely amazing all at once. Montreal is where I grew up, it's part of who I am and Tel Aviv is where I really grew up and it's where I'm discovering who I want to become.
So here it goes, my name is Kathleen, I’m 26-years-old and I am a singer-songwriter living and working in Israel.
I can’t stress it enough what a wonderful place this is to live in. I’m Canadian and to this day after three years of living here I still find it incredible that I live next to the beach!
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