It's Not Too Late

With Yom Kippur looming, there is little time left to make amends to those people we have wronged; but the gates are not closed yet.

Here are a few suggestions to Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu of what I believe he should say:

I apologize to the Israeli people for forming a coalition that allows 10 percent of the population to control who’s a Jew, marriage, kashrut standards, and conversions while allowing so many Russian Olim in remain in religious limbo.

I apologize to the Israeli people for forming a coalition of narrow minded interests at a great cost to the country.

I apologize to Natan Sharansky, Avichai Mandelblit, the North American Federations, the heads of the liberal movements in Israel and the US, and Women of the Wall for wasting three years of your time to negotiate the Kotel deal that I refuse to implement.

I apologize to Diaspora Jewry for saying that all Jews had a home in Israel while my actions have been to disenfranchise you.

I apologize to Israeli women for not supporting your civil rights.

I apologize for allowing incitement to violence on the part of religious leaders.

I apologize to the Israeli children in Haredi schools because I allow schools to not teach core subjects and that will not prepare you to support your families thus continuing a poverty cycle.

I apologize to Israeli Arabs and Israeli Ethiopians for allowing racism to flourish.

I apologize to political refugees for not giving you asylum.

I apologize to our elderly citizens for Bituah Leumi payments that are grossly inadequate.

I apologize to the disabled citizens for not providing enough services.

I apologize to Holocaust Survivors for not paying you the reparations that were supposed to be distributed and for allowing you to go hungry.

I apologize for putting my own interests before the needs of the county.

For all these sins, please forgive me. I can do better.

This may be just a dream. It is highly unusual for political leaders to admit that they are responsible for the actions of their government. But, the Prime Minister is not doing anything to reign in the coalition that was bought and paid for at too dear a price for the country. Isn’t it time for him to take some responsibility and to exert the necessary leadership to enact real change now, before the gates close.