I’m not qualified!

As I was preparing for a radio interview recently, I was feeling completely overwhelmed with a tremendous sense of gratitude for living in Jerusalem among the Jewish people. At the same time, I was feeling just as scared about the interview, because I was asking myself, “Who am I, that I am someone worthwhile to be interviewed?” Inside, I honestly said to myself, “I am nobody... I’m not so important, so what would I say to this lady who was about to interview me; why would she want to talk to me?”
So, in all honesty, what qualifies me to be here, or be a voice for this Jewish nation every day? Absolutely nothing, if I look only at myself. I’m not qualified to manage a pro-Israel Facebook page, write a blog for the Jerusalem Post, or give time speaking and broadcasting for The United West, a Florida-based radio program. To reinforce why I feel I am nobody, I do not have any special skills, training, or journalism education for doing all of these things, and it actually scares me at times because I don't think I am good enough to do it. I’m not all that smart, nor do I think I am all that good at expressing myself, and I really do not know that much about politics, or how to master the political realm...
So, why am I in Israel, why does a small town Danish girl live in Jerusalem, struggling at times to stand with Israel every day? Furthermore, what can possible make me good enough or skilled sufficiently for this task? What would it take to be a professional at what I do, and can I do it?
So many questions I can ask myself in a critical light… And when I am done with all of that, the answer to these questions that comes to me is this: Nothing at all!
So when I was asked during my interview about why I was in Israel, all I could say was this: I love and believe in The God of Israel, and when I came to Israel, not only did I fall in love with the Land, but also Her people, and because of all this, my destiny was sealed.
“Wherever you go, I will go; and wherever you stay, I will stay. Your people will be my people and your God will be my God.”
There is a deep and passionate love inside of my heart for the Jewish people that literally has changed my life. I know God placed that love in my heart to go here, and it turned me into a new person that is not in any way qualified by some academic or vocational standards.
Despite this, I proudly stand with Israel the best way I know how: by loving the Jewish people in a manner that is as natural to me as breathing.
So, every morning as I start my day, and I pray and say this: “God where do you want me to go, who needs me today?”
Because of that prayer, I met a wonderful Jewish couple that has followed my work in Israel, and I guess you can say it was “love at first sight” in how they embraced me. They literally welcomed me into their family like a daughter, and we were looking forward to many wonderful hours together.
But just a few days later my phone rang, with news that Charlie had suddenly died of a heart attack… I burst into tears; I simply could not believe it. Instead of going to their home to share Shabbat as originally planned, I instead went to this wonderful man’s funeral as a newly-welcomed part of a Jewish family that I know God led me to join my heart to theirs. Their pain was my pain, I felt everything in their hearts as if it my own.
I am as inseparable from the Jewish people as my heart is from my own body. My finest and most important job in Israel is to hear the voice of God who calls me to “COMFORT MY PEOPLE.” Loving the Jewish people is just the greatest honor for me. Am I qualified for this? By human standards, I just don't know. However, when it comes to matters of the heart and the Scriptures that speak to me as I write this, I see before me a bereaved widow who needs me, and everything inside of me cries out alongside her, while just wanting to hold her hand and hug her like any family member or close friend would do.
Because I believe in the God of Israel and His Holy Book, how can I NOT speak up for Israel, the only Nation that always has to justify its right to exist. That is constantly being beaten on, and facing so much hate every day! God chose Israel out of all the nations, it's as simple as that! For that reason, She is hated by the world, and is surrounded by enemies inside and outside Her borders.
So many events are happening so rapidly around the world today, and somehow, everything—or at least many things—revolves around this tiny nation that I have come to call my home forever. With the perilous deal just made between Iran, the USA and many western powers, Israel was just pushed a huge step closer to war.
So, who is going to come to Her rescue?
No one else will, but only the God Of Israel and hopefully, millions of Bible-believing Christians around the world who will wake up, and stand with God’s HOLY nation that He set apart to reveal Himself for all the world to see.
I sometimes feel like I fail, and think I could do so much more. I am not a top-flight professional person that has everything under my control, but the one thing I can give the Jewish people is my love and heart, and you have that 100%, 24-7 as I long as I shall live!
God doesn't call the qualified, but He qualifies the one He calls… I can say a big “amen” to that!