To the Christian World.


Israel is the expression of God's love. The Bible is filled with promises and love songs for Israel, and especially for His Holy city of Jerusalem.

God is even saying, in the most personal and intimate way: If you touch Israel, you touch the apple of my eye. That is how personal HE gets when speaking about Israel: His first born.

The entire history of Israel is one immense miracle. God chose to put His name on His holy hill, Mount Moriah: The Temple Mount. The prince of darkness is jealous and he has managed to prevent the Jewish people from praying on their God given Holy Mountain, which is deeply and profoundly tragic.

You all know the Bible and you all see what is happening around the world. We are living in Biblical end times and this is the battle between the God of Israel and the prince of darkness.

What God loves the most, Satan hates the most. Satan has tried many times to wipe the Jewish people off the map, to kill the first born of the Hebrew boys, to send all the Jews to the Nazi death camps and to wipe them out. But Satan’s infernal attempts have never succeeded and the Biblical prophecies have come to life as the dry bones came to life. And out of the ashes of the Holocaust, the Jewish remnant rose again and have come home, just as God foretold in His word.

God brought His people back home to the nation that he created for them, Israel: the ancestral and Biblical Jewish homeland.

The world didn't prevent the Holocaust, and what we see today is again deeply lamentable as so many bow to the Islamic Republic of Iran, which is calling for the complete destruction of the Jewish State.

The Europeans and so much of the world are rushing to line their pockets and make big deals with Iran; the biggest funder of terror in the world. It is the same evil we have seen throughout the ages. History is repeating itself and no one is doing anything about it.

The Jews are still being attacked and killed all over the world, for no other reason than for being Jews, and for being the Chosen people. For that reason they are hated by Gods enemies. They are not chosen, as the Germans thought of themselves as the master race, but chosen to bring God to the world and to suffer accordingly. 

Satan will not succeed but will endlessly attempt to prove dominance over the One and Only God, and  in doing so it will be the Jewish people who will again and again suffer.

Today we have an entire Muslim world coming against the Jews, just as we have seen since Islam was founded in the 7th century. We Christians too were responsible for hostility to the Jews down the ages, culminating in the Holocaust when, with few honorable exceptions, we closed our eyes and did not stand with suffering Israel.

On the contrary, many Christians around the world are now buying into the odious lie and deception - that was born in the pit of hell - namely that the Jewish people are occupying another people’s land.

Israel is reconstituted - reborn - in its own ancestral, native and Biblical homeland from the River to the Sea. The entire deception that a fraudulent Arab people calling themselves Palestinians ever had a state is perhaps the biggest scam ever perpetrated upon the world.

There has never been a Palestinian state in all of recorded history and the entire fabrication of a people called Palestinians was invented as a tool to destroy 4,000 years of Jewish history in its God given native homeland.

Indeed, the so-called West Bank (the name given to it by the Jordanian Arab occupiers from 1948 until 1967) is in fact the Jewish Biblical heartland of Judea and Samaria. There are no historical Palestinian territories. All these lies have been formulated for the sole purpose of driving the Jews from their homeland and breaking the eternal God given Covenant between Him and His people one more time.

Tragically, most of the world has succumbed to the relentless Arab propaganda and supports these outrageous lies while refusing to understand the truth. They believe in myths, not facts.

What is even worse is that some churches and denominations are actually behind the infernal falsehoods and are boycotting Israel, yet they still call themselves Christians: SHAME ON THEM.

They are completely deceived and are no longer Christians at all, as the entire Bible is filled with God's love and promises to the Jewish people. "Palestine" is a man-made idea, designed in order to steal the beloved land from the Jewish people and flagrantly deny the Bible.

But as Christians you all know who the enemy of Israel and God is. Satan knows his time is short, which is why he is releasing hell on earth with ISIS raping, mutilating and killing all over the world if the people do not surrender to Islam which, by the way, does not mean peace but means submission to the will of Allah.   

Don't you think it is time for Christians to WAKE UP? We know what the Bible is saying and what this is all about, and it’s only going to get worse.

Get your fighting boots on and step out of your prayer closet once in a while and stand for the one beleaguered nation that this is all about.

Let God fill your heart with love, understanding and compassion for His people and start speaking up for God and His nation because they are inseparable.

It is one thing to watch the White House, the EU and the UN with Ban Ki Moon’s horrific speech yesterday attacking Israel and essentially supporting Palestinian terrorism while constantly blaming the victims: the embattled Jews.

Honestly, the members of the EU and the morally corrupt UN are ignorant, naive and flat out deceived by the egregious and foul lie of "Palestine" – a falsehood born in hell.

So when that is the case. just how much more important is it that you, the Christians who know the truth, speak up and act now. Don't just say: God is in control when Jews are being slaughtered in their own homes and on the streets, because that is simply just an insult and without any love or respect for the victims.

As long as we are on this earth we each have a role to play. You have a destiny to fulfill. Do not be foolish and just talk when God is calling you to action. He is very clear: COMFORT MY PEOPLE!! Remember Genesis 12:3.

For such a time as this we all have a purpose. As Christians we would not even have a faith without the Jewish people. This is our visiting hour in these last days when you start loving and supporting the nation where Jesus lived, died and will return.

If the Muslims have their way, Jesus would return to a fraudulent place called "Palestine" and, as a Jew, he would not be welcomed and even murdered by the so-called “Palestinians.” Is that what your Bible is saying? NO!!!!

So wake up and speak out against all these lies and deceptions which the Muslim world is trying very hard to deceive you with. Get behind Israel, and support "The King David" of this time, Benjamin Netanyahu, the man God has picked for a time like this.

He is holding the most important job in the world, and this lonely nation is the battlefield for the entire world. No one knows the pressure he is under, and he deserves our full support.

You know the Bible and you know the ending, but as long as we are here you must stand with that very nation that God singled out from among all the nations. And when you come to Israel and stand with the Jewish people, it will surely change your life as you fall in love with His people and truly understand what this is all about.

God is love, and Israel is the expression of God’s love. For me to personally experience that has literally changed my life. It has been the very best thing that has ever happened to me.

When you love the Jewish people you touch Gods heart, He WILL bless those that bless Israel and He will curse those that curse Israel. Again, please read Genesis Chapter 12:3.

It's as simple as that.