The world as web

Recently, a website of mine that I conceived of and helped build was hacked into.  I discovered the dastardly act one day when I found Arab symbolism and anti-Zionist statements scrolling on it.  It was hijacked. 
Who was responsible? A sinister mystery. 
Part of the problem for why it was hacked, I soon discovered was it was porous, as I left several pages open to readers’ comments. They poured in like termites and ate away at my tree of knowledge, killing it.
The web, like the rest of the world is a rough place, which got me thinking about the neighborhood where Israel lives.
The web uses nomenclature like “build” similar to the way we use it in the real world.  We build houses.  We “built” a country.  Yet should our guard lower, say were a right of return to occur, it would unleash the beginning of the end.  Were borders to be penetrated, like the security surrounding a rare gem, it would be gone. That’s the way of the world.
You see by opening it up, approaching it as an idealist, I wanted a website where others could approach and participate.  Like any public space, there were some who came and enjoyed it and participated.  But many left their waste in the form of insidious comments. They told others and the virus spread. In it came and it quickly got out of hand.
It doesn’t have to be this way.  But security is vital to keep the ideal.
For example what many outsiders don’t realize, is that inside the walls of the Old City of Jerusalem, exists one of the most diverse habitats in the world with Jews, Christians, Muslims and Armenians intermingling. Is there not a more diverse city within a radius of one thousand miles? Concentrically outside of Jerusalem within the borders of Israel, there are Arabs, Christians and Muslims who live in harmony.  Compared to many countries, certainly Arab ones, such a varied population is unheard of. 
Israel is an ideal. Israel is a jewel in the midst of a jagged, harsh and dangerous landscape.  And for an ideal to survive it must be secure and protected. 
For anyone living in the real world, they should be able to understand this. It’s a wonder they don’t.