The diplomatic dwarf is back!

During Operation Protective Edge, the Brazilian government lead South American countries to condemn Israel. Moreover, after recalling its ambassador from Tel Aviv, Dilma Roussef accused Israel of committing a massacre of the Palestinian people by using disproportionate force. I wrote, here and herethe reasons behind this new Brazilian aggressive posture.
"This is an unfortunate demonstration of why Brazil, an economic and cultural giant, remains a diplomatic dwarf," said the Israeli Foreign Ministry spokesman Yigal Palmor at that time. 
Palmor's wise adjective has never been so true to represent the Brazilian position in international affairs.
The world is still shocked with the brutal terrorist attacks in France which killed 17 people, 12 at Charlie Hogbe and 4 at kosher supermarket and a policewoman. While official representatives around the world publicly give their condolences to the victims' families, the Brazilian government remained silent until the very last minute.
According to a Brazilian news
website "only after the French ambassador in Brazil begged for an official statement by the president, that her assessors wrote and published words of condolences"Brazil has not only been mute towards terrorist attacks and civil wars, like the one in Syria, but became supportive of terrorist organizations' rights to exist and act at any cost.
Last time Dilma Roussef talked at the UN, she defended the idea that western countries should open  dialog with ISIS to reach peace in Iraq and Syria, suggesting that we all should forgive the beheading, rape, massacre, torture and slavery that ISIS is has been committing in those countries and recognize the Islamic Caliphate as a state.  
In Roussef's utopian world, it is enough to shake hands with terrorists, begging to stop the genocide while singing What a Wonderful World
Despite the rich culture and amazing people, the current government has succeeded on painting a different picture of Brazil, making it much less friendly in international affairs, playing blind about terror, supporting totalitarian governments and demonstrating that it has became totally biased against the US, EU, Israel and the people of those respective countries.
The diplomatic dwarf is back and indicates that it will stay there for at least four more years, minimizing the country's potential, overshadowing its cultural wealth and bringing deep shame to Brazilians who do not agree with this new extremist foreign policy.