Ending American gun violence needs to start with any proposal

 To end gun violence in US schools may be possible, but there would be lots of resistance to this option. It would take unanimous consent of congress to affect enough people to follow the possible change in mindset. You could just start background checks for mental health concerns for those who already own guns or those with the plan to buy new or used guns.

Canada has pretty good gun laws but there seems to be a different sort of gun culture here. Canada may not be in the same mindset regarding guns, so that could be part of the reason why we have fewer incidents of school gun violence.

This would sound very good to the advocates calling for the changes to US gun laws. Unfortunately, as I mentioned the US has a different sort of gun culture than Canada. You may find it would take a comprehensive new health care system with new implementation of first responders with health care. It would possibly take a new health care system in place of arming teachers or having armed security in schools.

We may need to look at the music industry for violent images in music videos such as were done in the 1980’s. These things may be impossible to implement because of new cultural rules. War movies aren’t going away as spy movies aren’t either but entertainment could face new regulation standards. How we obtain violent thoughts is most likely known by psychiatrists who may already counselled government on how to reduce violence.

I am afraid for more attacks which may be inevitable if violent thoughts of students and parents aren’t addressed. Communities fear sending children to school when the school is known to have a gang present. We are ready to end terror experienced among many children.

The President has promised to instruct congress with a mandate to end school gun violence or going farther into the realm of ending attacks on first responders and communities. A proposal could be all it takes to get the ball rolling into discussions which could work. Let’s start with any proposal towards ending gun violence, but all I can do is mention this blog post.

Freedom of speech is most likely another challenge to ending gun violence in the US. It seems mean to me when online, or school bullying takes place. Saying whatever you want seems to be an assault can take place with only might makes right as the theory. Let’s take a look at something first then see where it goes towards protecting American citizens. We could affect the world if a little change were to take place in America.