Trump in Dallas: You know what causes nuclear war? Weakness

US President Donald Trump addressed the NRA convention with the question: 'Who signs a deal when they're shouting: Death to America?'

PROTESTERS HOLD signs during a ‘March For Our Lives’ demonstration demanding gun control in Sacramen
Gunning for reasonable restrictions

Guns must be taken away from people who suffer from mental issues, as well as from suspected and convicted criminals.

March 27, 2018: Pejorative adjective

The status quo is unsustainable, and morally and financially a disaster.

An attendee holds a sign with a list of school shootings during "March for Our Lives"
Jewish Youth group says ‘March for Our Lives’ event opportunity for change

One of several Jewish groups participating in the event is the North American Federation of Temple Youth, who told The Jerusalem Post that the protest presented an opportunity to affect real change.

In Maryland, taking on AIPAC

The AIPAC show of last week does not reflect the majority view of American Jewry. I believe that most of the thousands of participants at AIPAC were in fact Trump supporters.

'Jews died in Holocaust because they didn't have guns'

The fierce debate over gun control in the US has resurfaced in the aftermath of a February 14 shooting at Florida's Majory Stoneman Douglas High School.

Orthodox firearms instructor wants Jews to own guns

Jonathan Burstyn says the Second Amendment should be just as sacrosanct to Americans as Jewish law is to Orthodox Jews.

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