Holy Week for Many

 Finding love and respect in a partner may be the way to solve the issues a person may find in society. Finding caring neighbors solves feelings of isolation in your community. Joining groups can have benefits of networking with others. Romance novels sometimes steer lonely people towards opening their hearts and minds for another person to appear.

I feel with the turmoil facing Israel my contribution will be to speak of topics which include others rather than isolate anyone. How to challenge anger or embrace love can be a topic for those who stand against justice. I feel Israel has proven itself many times more than the requirement the world has asked for to legitimize the nation.

Lately meaning very recently I have been looking at social media to see how others speak of world topics in their own way. I have no doubt that language in media whether it is social media or traditional media is not kind to Israel. On my own blog I have stopped posting about the topics of terror and the presidency. I feel isolated on there without support despite how popular the president is on social media.

I find it ridiculous that so many people can protest now without offering legitimate opinions on how to solve issues or replace the problematic legislation they go against. Problematic is to me meaning whatever topic people stand against without offering solutions, or wanting to participate in negotiating towards an understanding.

I will never offer support in unlawfully registered gatherings for anyone that speaks of isolating others in any possible way. Discrimination of any sort makes me think of many different eras where people have been treated uncivilly or violently for no good reason. Genocide does get documented when it is already too late for that is what it is.

Benjamin Netanyahu is travelling around the world gathering support between his appearances on social media and traditional media. I believe it is necessary for him to continue in this manner for many good reasons. Israel continuing to make preparations for standing against terror is essential to the survival of Israel Christianity and Judaism.

World Leaders are often portrayed as villains by those who undermine civilizations. I believe those that criticize Bibi are participating on the side of terror in some manner. You can’t pay attention to the daily attacks against travelers and citizens in Israel daily or near daily. Peace and understanding is coming from Israel’s government despite the animosity they face.

Tourism is climbing in Canada according to the Prime Minister and we open our borders despite the global concerns many have. I am happy that tourism is returning in spite of terror. Canada seems to avoid most possibilities in terror except domestic terror or home grown plots.

Job creation is being discussed as well as taxes oil and the arctic occasionally. The UN is not speaking of World Hunger anymore and maternal health. I would like to see the UN speak again regarding topics which will benefit humanity rather than just passing resolutions against countries like Israel which needs Canada’s support.

I believe that the UN is a failure which could turn back into being just and lawful again if it was required by a grouping of Nations that would stand in support of Israel after blocking the BDS. Canada doesn’t have a veto but I believe it did at one time. Israel is not even mentioned in articles unless it is being written up as by a mean school master such as the educators I believe who are currently support the hostile Israeli resolutions.

Supporting an independent Israel is also preserving Christianity from the problems which overtook Palestine where I believe is quite close to the birth of Christianity. You can think about this as this holy week comes to a close.

Summing this up is to me a time to mention that religion is good no matter what the faith as long as Hate isn’t part of the text quoted. Just like Nationalism and secularism divisions are in both as well as in the movements which go against God himself. The Quran the Torah and the New Testament do not have to be referenced when mentioning Gods will. Just mentioning peace prosperity and love can go a long way in discussions of peace and light.