The ultimate protest vote, true social justice, elections 2015, 5775

Israeli Elections 2015, 5775, Ultimate Protest Vote!! #5 Will there be a total shock when the votes are counted in the 2015, 5775 Israeli Knesset Elections? Will a party that hasn't been mentioned or offered or shown up in the polls get enough votes to sit in the Knesset?
It could happen. Anything can happen. Right? So, you are probably wondering, which party can shock the polls? ובזכותן Ubiz'chutan, And Due to Them (Their Credit) It's the new Haredi women's party, which is a revolution. That's what they say.
Haredi Women Making Changes. It's not just a matter of chareidi women who can put these women in the Knesset. If people see this as a protest vote, their support can come from all over.
If you listen to what they are saying, you'll discover that they are the true Social Justice party, not the upper middle class and wealthy Leftist parties that label themselves as such but don't really understand how the majority, the poor people struggle and suffer. One of the things Ruth Colian says is: "They complain of the price of gas (for a car) when we're worried about the price of public transportation."
Now, will they surprise us all?
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