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A demonstrator is arrested at a "Yellow Vest" protest in Tel Aviv, December 14, 2018

Police arrest 10 as 'Yellow Vest' protests reach Tel Aviv

"The Israeli government must discuss this crisis at its next meeting on Sunday, and decide to put an end to the price increases before all the country burns," said protest leader Shai Cohen.

Ben and Jerry's 'Pecan Resist' flavor

Ben & Jerry's Israel distances itself from political U.S. flavor

Local factory says it has no intention of selling Women's March-linked 'Pecan Protest'

A memorial candle

Ruth Matar, cofounder of an enduring grass roots movement, passes away

Matar and her husband gathered like-minded people around them, and in 1993, almost as an instant response to Oslo, established what was initially called “Women for Israel’s Tomorrow.’

Protesters block pedestrian crossing at Terminal 3 of Ben Gurion Airport on Tuesday

Dozens of disabled protesters block traffic at international airport

"We are fighting for bread and medicine. Not for flights," the group said in a statement.

AN ARAB woman walks past a Jewish couple at the Western Wall

Can the Start-Up Nation save Israel from itself?

It’s in the tech space where we can find one possible solution to the disconnect between an Israel getting better and a Knesset pushing a political agenda designed to engender the opposite.


NGOs commend government’s move to regulate the status of asylum-seekers

Omdim Beyachad has led protests against the planned deportation of African migrants in the past few months and views the new plan to regulate the status of 16,250 of them as a victory.


Tel Aviv protests: Grunge never died (and neither did Tupac)

1. Grunge Never Died (And Neither Did Tupac)

Neo-Nazi groups commemorate the "Day of Honor"r

‘Adopt-a-Nazi’ fund-raiser reaches, surpasses $150,000

As of Sunday morning, the GoFund- Me campaign to benefit the Southern Poverty Law Center had raised more than $155,000 and raised its goal to $165,000 by Monday.


French immigrant nurses protest against red tape in government

Elisabeth Ranassier, a registered nurse from France with 17 years of experience, does not work in her profession here because of the red tape.


Israeli Fair Rental Law passes final vote, 6 years after housing protests

“The nation demands social justice, and this is a step on the way,” 2011 protests icon MK Stav Shaffir said.

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