Egypt: A picture is worth a thousand words (Part 2)

Here in my Egypt and the Muslim world we have two big religious feasts, the Eid El Fitr which comes right after our holy month of Ramadan,  and the Eid Al Adha which comes two months later. For these two feasts it is custom to buy our children brand new clothes to wear.
When I was a young child I had a feeling of excitement and joy at wearing my new clothes in the Eid days.  I will never forget that amazing feeling which started to fade away as the years went by and was replaced by different kinds of feelings - which is a normal process when you grow up and start to have different sets of needs.
Photo: Me at Tahrir Square
But on the 25th of January 2012 I experienced that amazing childhood feeling of excitement and joy when I woke up in the morning.  I woke up with nothing on my mind but to go to Tahrir Square and enjoy my new Eid.  Everyone was expecting and forecasting that this day would not pass in peace and that violence would erupt. However, I kept arguing that there is no way that the Egyptians would let anyone or any faction ruin this historical day for us.
I arrived in the morning through the subway. There were thousands of people at the train stations, all of them were going to one place and one place only: Tahrir Square.
I swear that I was walking and acting like a happy child, as though I were going to wonder land. I finally arrived there to see hundreds of thousands of people from all classes and from throughout Egypt walking next to one another in an amazing civilized manner. The lines were moving very slowly and everyone was smiling at one another.
Photo: Egyptian man with a sign that reads "Long live the Egyptians, Viva the revolution, Egypt in my mind & heart"
There wasn`t a single police man or a military soldier in the square that I could see or even on the side streets. Some say, and I agree, that this day passed in peace because it was us, the people, who handled the day.  This day proved to me that my Egypt is safe because of her people. There were people`s check points at every entrance to the Square. They asked for our Id and searched us for weapons in a very polite manner and with respect. There was popcorn, cuscus and all kinds of food and drinks throughout the Square. It was indeed a very special day, it was like a carnival.
All the political factions were there with their wooden stands and big speakers. All of these political factions, whether liberal or religious, agreed, along with everyone present, that the SCAF must give up the power to the people. All day long they spoke and even screamed through their speakers about this point.  
Photo: A Muslim cleric and Christian priest together on the podium
I talked to many people from different backgrounds and different education levels and they all agreed and insisted that SCAF must step aside and let us choose our president; which is very understandable and must be done as soon as possible because the people`s patience on this matter is about to run out. The SCAF should be wise enough to realize this.
What I have seen from my people on this day made me so optimistic about Egypt`s future. I saw families with their young, beautiful children; these little angels are the future and they are growing up and they will live their lives under a non tyrannical regime. These angels will know no fear or accept anything but to be treated with respect and dignity.
Photo: Children in Tahrir Square
Our past generations, mine included, have all lived under tyranny and injustice since the day we were born; but these children who held the Egyptian flags at the Square, will be the future of democracy and freedom of my Egypt.
Those factions who are fighting each other over control of my Egypt should think long and hard and should quickly come to realize that there is no place for greed and any kind of brainwashing over the Egyptians.
Next week`s blog (Part 3) will discuss the Muslim Brotherhood and SCAF. Then (Part 4) will discuss the Liberals and foreign influences.
Thank you all for your Support and patience.
I leave you all in PEACE :)
Photos by: Ahmed Meligy