A candid camera issue


As noted,


Sheikh Ikrima Sabri, preacher of the Aqsa Mosque...[i]n his Friday Khutba (sermon) at the Aqsa Mosque...talked about the violations committed by the Israeli police and Jewish settlers in occupied Jerusalem, especially at the Aqsa Mosque.  He noted that the Israeli police set up lately surveillance cameras inside the Mosque''s compound in order to watch the Palestinian worshipers who confront the repeated Jewish attempts to defile their Mosque.


He thus joins Jordan in this attitude:


Jordan is demanding Israel remove electronic surveillance cameras installed on the Temple Mount, saying they violate the freedom of worship, officials said.  Jordan does not accept that Israel has set up a police station inside the Jerusalem compound. It is a flagrant military violation of the freedom of worshipers as well as interference in the affairs of the Jordanian Islamic waqf [Islamic endowment]," Jordanian government spokesman Mohammad Momani told the official state news agency Petra Tuesday.
"Israel should not ignore Jordan''s diplomatic efforts to stop violation of the al-Aksa mosque compound. Jordan will not stop efforts to prevent Israel from imposing a new status quo in Jerusalem," he said.
First of all, already back in 2007 there were cameras set up to observe the digging near the Mugrahbi Gate which the Muslims claimed was a stealth plan to tunnel under and into the Temple Mount compound.
Secondly, you never know what cameras can catch.
An Australian Christian setting fire to Al-Aqsa Mosque, for example.  Children ''worshipping'' by playing soccer.
Or this:
What''s he doing exactly?
Yes, he''s "giving the finger".  Towards who?
That was from the phone camera of Arnon Segal.
Is that the Muslim salute of coexistence?
Of spirituality?
Of acknowledging the right of religious freedom?
Of course not.
That''s why cameras are needed.
To prove a lack of rights and the inequality of Jews.  And if I was a progressive liberal, I''d even claim Jews were being intiomidated and made to feel threatened and as being second-class citizens.