The poping of Israel


The Pope is here.


Yesterday, he was at a wall that needed to be erected to prevent the murders of Jews


and today, at a Wall constructed to support the Temple within which Jesus visited and overturned tables in a social protest.


As I was updated,


Irene, an Irish Catholic, has pointed out that the Pope''s location this morning as to part of his schedule visit to Jerusalem [which I think could be spelled ''Jewrusalem'' - YM] is not the Temple Mount:
"The Pope’s Schedule from the official website of the Pilgrimage of His Holiness Francis in the Holy Land on the occasion of the 50th anniversary of the meeting in Jerusalem between Pope Paul VI and Patriarch Athenagoras (May 24 – 26, 2014) 
Monday, May 26, 2014
8:15     VISIT TO THE GRAND MUFTI OF JERUSALEM in the building of the Great Council on the Esplanade of the Mosques.  Discourse of the Holy Father
The "Esplanade of the Mosques" is the Temple Mount."
Watching the television now, I heard his Temple Mount speech but I am not sure there were any Jews there as official representatives to listen to him mention the Jews who follow the Abrahamic heritage for after all, the Islamic Waqf is anti-Jewish presence.  Did he inform the anti-Jewish Mufti that Jesus came to the Temple, not a mosque?
But the main issue is the Mount of Zion.
I have two comments:
1.   as for the Cenacle, why not build another building next door?  after all:
The original building was a synagogue later probably used by Jewish Christians. According to the Catholic Encyclopedia, the building was spared during the destruction of Jerusalem under Titus (AD 70), though Pixner thinks it was likely rebuilt right after the war, and claims three walls of that structure are still extant: the North, East and South walls of the present King David''s Tomb. Roman emperor Theodosius I built an octagonal church (the "Theodosian Church" or "Holy Zion Church") aside the synagogue (that was named "Church of the Apostles"). The Theodosian Church, probably started in AD 382, was consecrated by John II, Bishop of Jerusalem in AD 394. 
I do not think that King David is buried there but what irks me is that especially for the Catholioc Church, and the Pope''s behavior on this trip strengthens my outlook, there is no need to present gifts of sovereignty to the Vatican in Jewrusalem.
2.  and if he insists on rights of prayer in the Upper Room, I would suggest to him to first ontain for we Jews the right to pray on the Temple Mount.
I am viewing now the explanation the Rabbi of the Kotel to the Pope stressing the Temple Mount as a Jewish site.  At least that.
The visit is important and the Pope should be displayed all hospitality.  But no need to overdo.  Israel requires no "poping".
P.P.S.  Assaf Gibor of NRG has informed us that the police warned the Israeli journalists who accompanied the Pope to the Temple Mount were warned not to pray or sway.
P.P.P.S.  I wonder if the Pope realizes that when he says repeatedly Terra Sancta, that that means Judea and Samaria? Hebron, Shiloh, Beth El? You know, where Jews lived and where they currently live?