What's going on in Huerfano County, Colorado


Until recently, I had not heard of Huerfano County.  It’s in Colorado.  There’s a town there called Gardner. There, on 22 acres in the center of Gardner bordering on Highway 69 between Walsenburg and Westcliffe, and across from the Gardner Post Office a group of Israelis, committed to permaculture, set up Camp D’ORvid as a meditative center.
What they are doing there in the first place, I have no idea.  But the bottom line is that whatever structures there are are set to be demolished by a Court Order on October 18, 2013.
In the past, it has been reported that
43 area residents claim[ed] that “a foreign Israeli corporation has invaded the area in an apparent effort to execute a land grab from local citizens in the Gardner area,”
And in 2009, we could read that
Huerfano County Judge Claude Appel refused on Tuesday to overturn his previous ruling, which overthrew Gardner resident Gary Lensky’s claim to property adjecent to his house and land within Gardner.  Lensky’s claim has been opposed by other adjecent landowners, who appealed Appel’s initial ruling, approving Lensky’s land claims.  This controversial saga has dragged on for several years, as to who owns what and where, with charges of fraud, racism and physical threats thrown out by each side.
You can see some of the contretemps on these video clips (I; II;)
I have been informed that Lensky moved to Gardner about 15 years ago trying to establish a Jewish meditative center. He claims that he encountered “racism and apathy”, according to my source.   The legal issues are complex.  Lensky and friends removed 45 truckloads of garbage that had been dumped on the property by locals, and planted 1000 trees.  Over the past 16 years the property has been totally transformed by the more than 50,000 hours of work by members in the full view of the Gardner Community and every traveler on Highway 69.
There has been a felony arson on the property which could be defined as a hate crime.  The Sheriff’s behavior has been called into question as has that of the Huerfano County Commissioners and Commissioner Montoya.  The religion of the Camp’s administrators has become an issue.
Beginning in 2006, Sheriff Bruce Newman began sending deputies who may, or may not, have conveyed a message that the Sheriff and the local judge are in cahoots.  Commissioner Roger Cain, may have refered to Camp D’ORvid members as “damn Jews”.  Gates and fencing have been knocked down it is reported.  Even a Civil Rights Suit against the County was filed.
I found court cases - Lensky et al v. County of Huerfano, Colorado et al with Gary Lensky, Rafi Caneti and Zachary Pedigo as Plaintiffs.  And another, Lensky et al v. County of Huerfano, Colorado et al, in which in 2011, Judge Marcia S. Krieger presided over an order to dismiss claims and closed the case.
I’d really like to know what is going on.  Is justice being served?  Are rights being preserved?  Is freedom protected?  Is there, or is there not, a subversion of the law?  Is anti-Semitism involved?  Have crimes been overlooked?
Are any of the establishment defense organizations involved, or are even aware of the supposed events?
Last but not least, what are those Israelis doing in Colorado?