It's all rocks and riots


This paper is reporting that Arabs, despite calls from within to adopt non-violent tactics, will not surrender their violent nature in opposing Israel. At Al-Ram the village of the demonstrator killed Friday, “hundreds gathered…and began throwing rocks, Molotov cocktails and rolling burning tires in the direction of IDF troops”.
These calls are not new.  Back in 2002, the Christian-angle was employed. In a so-called “hidden history of Palestinian non-violence” , a false claim is made that
“It wasn''t until nonviolent protests were met with severe repression that Palestinian guerrilla movements began”
And this was echoed in an opinion piece the New York Times uncritically – and without any obvious editorial review - published last week and which I attempted to correct (unsuccessfully), which wasn’t published:
In his op-ed ("Peaceful protest can free Palestine", Feb. 22), Mustafa Barghouthi opens with a statement that "over the past 64 years, Palestinians have tried armed struggle". That is incorrect. Following several months of protests in late 1919 and early 1920, including one on February 27 which involved lifting the United States Consul-General Otis Allan Glazebrook up on to the shoulders of the demonstrators, and incited by a religious preacher, Haj Amin El-Husseini, the soon-to-be "Grand Mufti of Palestine", Arabs fell upon their Jewish neighbors between April 4 -7, 1920, killing 5 and injuring 200 - all civilians casualties. Indeed, the entire history of the past 92 years has been marked by Arab terror, pogroms, riots and murder directed almost exclusively at Jewish civilians by Arabs, in Hebron, Safed, Jaffa and many other locations where Jews resided. Ethnic cleansing from some cities resulted, all prior to the 1948 war.
If there is a "struggle", it is one for the truth and the genuine historical narrative.
But more than a struggle for the accuracy of an historical narrative, consider this: riots broke out, again, on the Temple Mount on Friday. Stones were thrown by Arabs as was done earlier in the week and as done the previous week (that was blamed on a false poster). But at whom? No Jews are permitted to ascend to the Mount on the Muslim holy day. And then why throw rocks at Jews down below at the Western Wall Plaza? Why throw stones at Christians? Why incite to murder Jews?
The question is being asked: are we losing the battle for the Temple Mount?
There are those who will perversely seek to ‘blame the Jews’ .  But what have the Jews really done?
They have allowed the Muslims to destroy Jewish artifacts. They have permitted the Waqf to severely restrict Jewish presence. They even halted Jewish visits to the Mount. They are compliant in the portrayal of Jews as persons without rights to the Temple Mount. They have even suggested the Temple Mount be detached from Jerusalem under Israel sovereignty
And all they have to show is rocks and riots.