Neo-Nazis in Jerusalem? UPDATED


Jessica Montell of B''tselem seems to have taken her liberalism past her humanism. (see UPDATE below)

Upset about the upcoming Jerusalem Day March of Flags and that its entrance to the Old City will by perforce take thousands past Arab homes and stores, Ms. Montell was immediately reminded of Skokie, Illinois and the march of...Neo-Nazis.

Jews as Neo-Nazis?

here is her Twitter tweet:



Some people were upset and Montell sought to deflect criticism if not excoriation and wrote:


I would never make that comparison. I was making a point about the challenges of free speech, which I support

Well, she could have sought a comparison of a different stripe, one even closer to her radical left-wing progressivism.  There was the Peace Now march through downtown Jerusalem almost 30 years ago that went to the High Court of Justice (HCJ 153/83).  There was the Gay Parade, too.

Why should she think to compare Jews to Neo-Nazis?

Well, one possibility is that she actually thinks Jews expressing their joy over Jerusalem''s unification is an act of neo-Nazism.




 J Montell, B''Tselem @JessicaMontell



J Montell, B''Tselem (@JessicaMontell)

16/05/12 22:29
I deleted the tweet. It was a mistake to use that analogy and I regret that I was misunderstood as making an offensive comparison.