I caught this at the end of the report on the angry American Jews letter:-


The letter was  organized by Israel Policy Forum (IPF), a non-partisan US organization that advocates for Israel’s long-term security and a two-state solution.


A "two-state solution" is a partisan position.

So is opposing Jewish residency rights in the territory of the Jewish national home.

IPF is a left-wing liberal progressive group.  Here:


Israel Policy Forum (IPF) was founded in 1993, with the encouragement of Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin, to serve as a strong American base of support


They can claim to be non-partisan but they are not.


As noted there:


IPF’s rise and fall was synonymous with the peace process itself.


Who are they kidding?


Haaretz even goes extreme, calling IPF:


a centrist U.S. group


Have they ever hosted a speaker from among the residents of Jewish communities in the States?  I have briefed, in a debate - not as a single spokeman - a leadership delegation of theirs and know some of the acitivists.  But nothing like "We are tired" Olmert.


Of course the IPF is partisan.  It is solid left-of-center, politically and ideologically.


Non-partisan is language laundering.