The Double-D offense

In the game of chess.  Good offense is crucial to playing - and winning - the game.
I am, however, referring to what I call the "Double-D Offense" employed by an amazing range of ideologists against on Israel''s present policies, or rather Israel''s post-1967 policies, which  include its continued administration of the territories of Judea and Samaria and the residency of over 350,000 Jews therein in over 140 communities including cities, towns, villages, kibbutzim and moshavim.
And that "offense" is predicated on two main buzzwords:
Both of those terms are intended to act as ogres, scaring people rather than actually deliberating a possible problem.
Here is Avrum Burg:
...tell Israel that it is impossible to be treated as "the only democracy in the Middle East", while it is also the last colonial occupier in the Western world….
What colonialism?  Judea and Samaria were part of the Mandate and the 1947 Partition as was 1937 was not accepted by the Arabs (who also went to war to eradicate Israel, continued terror and in 1967 initiated a war of aggression) and having lost yet another war, the territory became Israel''s again.
But the real point is that all these liberals are actually promoting the establishment of another Islamist terror entity which not only attacks Jews but oppresses its own Arab population.  So in the name of "democracy", Israel, which is a democracy, is being pushed into a dangerous situation. Those that push for the creation of a state that will be undemocratic internally and without a doubt will seek to destroy Israel sooner or later are not only nonsensical but immoral.
As regards demography, the simple fact is that 45 years have passed and the math doesn''t add up.  The studies are out there.  The Pals. produce not only false statistics and data but are not producing the expected demographics.
But demography is trumpeted.  For example, a NYTimes'' June 5 editorial links demography with the bi-national state:
Demographics are pushing Israel in that direction.
And in that editorial is another, third "D":
Meanwhile, Palestinians are despairing that settlements and outposts are expanding so fast that they could soon preclude any chance of a two-state solution. 
This D is a play of the victimization strategy of the Arabs of the territories of the former Mandate for Palestine.  All of this employment of terms of transformation leads to
Delegitimzation, Demonization, Double Standards.
In seeking to change the political situation, to be at ease with their liberal selves identity, to be comfortable with their image of Judaism, to be comfy with their non-Jewish comrades, they sacrifice Israel and surrender up Zionism based on inauthentic and misrepresented facts, all the while creating what will be a monster, and an uncontrollable one - all despite the information readily available to them and which, as relatively intelligent people, they should know and be able to draw different conclusions from such.
But they won''t because it will cause them cognitive dissonance and will disrupt their ideological equilibrium.
So, the last "D" is for denial.  Their own, as moral, liberal and democratic Jews, and denial of Zionism.