The "Palestinian settlement"


 I could not believe my eyes.


At first, that is.
But there it was: settlement.
In a headline.  In a mainstream media outlet.
But not a Jewish settlement.
Palestinian settlement.
And it got better.
NBC News, RAWABI, West Bank — As gambles go, it hardly gets bigger: A $1 billion dollar bet on peace — or at least a measure of calm — in the West Bank. Even the founder of Rawabi, the biggest construction project in the history of the Palestinian people, says nobody in his right mind would invest here. Standing on a wind-swept hilltop overlooking the biblical hills of Judea, a half-hour drive from Ramallah, Bashar Al-Masri points to the Palestinian flags flying atop the giant cranes that are building, with phenomenal speed, the first modern Palestinian town.
Not only “Arab settlement” but “Judea” as well.
Now we have to push to have all Arab residency locations termed “settlements” and the semantic war becomes a lot easier.
Do we ask that Arab cities, towns and villages in Israel also be termed “settlements”?  A sort of language eqivalency requirement for proper style in reporting?
Ra-Ra-Rawabi, the "settlement".