Thoughts going into a pillared Shabbat


With Shabbat approaching, some thoughts, not deep at all:


1.  So, far, the thinking of our leaders has not been clouded, but clear.


2.  More can be done from the air still before ground troops enter.


3.  If the Egyptian PM can come to Gaza, and Israel has a peace treaty with his country, he couldn''t arrnage for a visit to Jerusalem?  I know Tel Aviv is dangerous but still.


4.  Why can''t Mahmoud Abbas go to Gaza and negotiate even if he won''t negotiate with Israel?  Too dangerous?


5.  When this is over, ladies and gentlemen of our future new government, please: zero tolerance for tunnels, for Egyptian-turning-a-blind-eye, for Iranian export, for Sudanese passing on through and whoever elese is involved in arming the Hamas, the Salafists, the Islamic Jihad, etc.


6.  And keep up the fantastic technological advances by the IDF as well as the social media onslaught.


And this was a great idea: