Truth emerges from Tel Shiloh


Yesterday, MK Zehava Galon minimized the value of Tel Shiloh
Meretz leader Zehava Gal-On attacked the decision to fund Tel Shiloh. Netanyahu''s "extreme right wing government is isolating Israel from the international community," she said.
A more neutral observer notes
The motivating force of practical Zionism since 1967 has been the attempt to turn the historical attachment to all parts of the Land of Israel, which nobody disputes, into a political right. To translate the desire to return to Shiloh, Beit El, Anatot and Hebron—the cradle of the nation — into a diplomatic right over which there can be no compromise because it is impossible to compromise on a right granted thousands of years ago. By means of that same right, claim those who hold it sacred, the Zionists came to the Jezreel Valley and Jerusalem, and afterward to Shiloh and Hebron.

And that is correct.  We are not isolating ourselves but instructing the world and our immediate neighbors that that sacred right is not a myth.  It is not fancifal or fake.  It is real.  It comes out of the ground we dig, and out of our minds and hearts.  It is who we are as Jews.  Isolated or not, that is the truth and truth is as sacred as our beliefs.  And attempts by the Palestinian Authority to steal that right will fail.
The Jewish people possess not only a right, but a heritage, a legacy.  It is religious, cultural, historical and legal.
(Today, some two dozen Tel Shiloh guides underwent an intensive half-day seminar (pictures here).  I was there and saw the truth with my own eyes.)