Wicked witches of the Waqf - again


Islamists have been complaining that  women were prohibited from entering the Temple Mount compound recently.



From one report:


Israeli forces on Wednesday prevented all Palestinian women from entering the holy Al-Aqsa compound in the Old City of Jerusalem, and arrested two Palestinians in ensuing clashes.  Israeli forces closed all but three of the gates to the compound by setting up barriers and seizing the identity cards of Palestinians who tried to enter.  The ban continued until 2:30 p.m in order in order to allow Israeli Jews and tourists to enter the compound.
Students at religious schools in the compound said that Israeli police assaulted them with pepper spray and batons near the chain gate, and arrested one student at the Council Gate. 

There''s a mention here.  And they now have a promotional video clip.  Some of them have unabashedly supported Hamas, using the religious iste as a place for political activity:



What else do they do on the Temple Mount?  They scream, and yell, and shout (along with the men), and curse, and throw shoes and rocks at Jews, seeking to prevent them from walking along the route that is permitted according to Jewish law which is outside the more sacred portions of the compound.  They are provocateurs, seeking to incite violence.  They are encouraged  (and paid) by Sheikh Raad Salah and his Northern Islamic Movement.


They held a press conference earlier this week to ask Jordan''s King Abdallah II to help:



The men held one previously regarding the restrictions.


Are they sweet old.טםומעladies, the "Women of Al-Aqsa" (نساءُ الأقصى)?



 Please watch this short clip.


There should be a simple solution.  The Chief of Jerusalem''s Police should invite himself to the Waqf religious trust which administers the site and explain that from now on, every time an incident of aggressive verbal violence occurs in which Jews are berated and threatened, an act that is illegal by the way (see Law for the Protection of the Holy Places: "Whosoever does anything likely to violate the freedom of access of the members of the different religions to the places sacred to them or their feelings with regard to those places shall be liable to imprisonment for a term of five years") , the area will be closed to Muslim visitors for an hour.  If a second incident occurs, the Mount is closed for the day.  In addition, a ''safe-zone'' of 50 meters will be maintained to separate protesting Muslims from visiting non-Muslims.