How to Develop a Creative and Peaceful Mind While Working?

Work is one of our main motivations in life, stimulating us to keep on going and learn new things on a regular basis. Each of us has been gifted with abilities for a certain field and, if we are lucky enough, we would have ended up working in that particular field. In today’s modern world, it can be difficult to maintain peace of mind while working, not to mention to explore one’s creativity. In this article, we will provide useful tips on how to develop a creative and peaceful mind while working.

#1 Listen to music

The famous writer Haruki Murakami almost always writes while listening to pieces from his jazz collection. He considers music to be a great way to unleash his creative potential while helping him relax at the same time. Music does wonder for the brain and not only about work. It can help you fight the symptoms of depression, increasing your overall productivity. So, the next time you feel like you are in a slump, do not hesitate to turn on the music. The benefits of music about the brain have been exhibited in numerous studies, including one published by the Institute of Education (London).

#2 Meditations

Meditation can be an incredibly rewarding practice, especially when you engage in it on a regular basis. It can help you eliminate all of the worries and stress caused by work while stimulating your creative juices. Meditation forces you to reach new states of consciousness, focusing more on the things that you want to achieve and less on what could go wrong. It makes your mind calmer and more focused. Last, but not least, it can change the way you see things. Mindfulness meditation has been proven to change the way the brain works, improving overall health, according to a study undertaken at the Harvard University.

#3 Writing down your ideas

Creative people tend to juggle with several ideas at once, losing focus of what they wanted to do or obtain in the first place. Moreover, when your brain goes from one idea to the other, you are highly likely to end up tired and disappointed. If you want to obtain the much-desired peace of mind and still make good use of your creativity, it is recommended to write down your ideas. Take your time and consider some valid points for each idea in particular; this will help you make the best possible decisions for the future. Handwriting is a form of training the brain, as it is shown in an article published in The Wall Street Journal.

#4 Brain foods

The brain requires a lot of energy to function, especially when you are engaged in creative, work-related projects. If you do not provide it with the right sources of food, you might have difficulties concentrating or maintaining the permanent peace of mind. Brain foods will nourish the brain and help it perform at best possible level. Among the most recommended choices, there are avocados, beets, broccoli, celery, coconut oil, dark chocolate, egg yolks, extra virgin olive oil and green leafy vegetables. The beneficial properties of best brain foods have been confirmed in numerous studies, including one published in Natural Review Neuroscience.

#5 Supplements

The supplements recommended for a healthy brain can make a genuine difference in your life. On the one hand, they support the healthy functioning of the brain, reducing the risk of degeneration and aging. On the other hand, they increase concentrating abilities, bring more mental clarity and improve the overall cognitive function. You can take supplements such as Brain Plus IQ, forgetting all about memory loss, concentration difficulties and lack of focus. Brain supplements can help you perform better at work, unleashing your creative potential. According to a presentation developed by UAMS Reynolds Institute of Aging, brain supplements can be used to maximize overall performance.

#6 Creative break

If you have a couple of minutes available for a break, do not just spend your time looking at the walls. Instead, opt for a creative break, as this will keep the brain focused and ready to come up with amazing, new solutions. You can doodle something on a page, maybe color in a book for adults or even paint, depending of course on the amount of time you have available. Always remember that creative breaks can help you to continue your work while allowing you to eliminate some of the accumulated stress. One more recommendation: according to an article published in the Harvard Business Review, it is for the best that these breaks are scheduled.

#7 Physical Activity

Many of us have to work in an office, being forced to spend some hours sitting behind a desk. Unfortunately, this is not beneficial for the mind; the lack of movement has a negative impact on the brain, which thrives on physical activity. So, if you want to relax and be more creative, you need to stand up and move. Even if it is just around the office, it will have an amazing effect on your productivity. If you have more time available, take a stroll in a park nearby, taking in the fresh air. The effects of physical activity about the health of the brain have been confirmed by numerous studies, including one published by the University of Washington.


In conclusion, these are some of the best methods you can resort to, to unleash your creative potential and obtain peace of mind while working. Do not hesitate to give all of them a try, as they are all great suggestions. Always remember that, sometimes, it is not enough to want to get creative. You need to stimulate the brain, without charging it with too many tasks at once. Otherwise, you will risk losing your focus and end up working harder for the same goals. Use meditation to obtain the much-needed peace of mind and do not forget to enjoy the journey as well.

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