Israel did not deny Russia interfered with American politics.

Israel has never denied allegations that the Russian Federation meddled in American elections. Why should Israel comment on a foreign political election? This claim would have been more credible if news media outlets and Vladimir Putin did not assert the American Diaspora Jewry elected Donald J. Trump.
In fact, the Jewish vote was evenly split. The difference was the Jewish lobby like the American Israeli Public Affairs Committee, Jewish Institute for National Security of America, and Saudi trade associations were determined to nullify or stall the nuclear deal with Iran.
This was a major reason why Hillary Clinton did not get elected.Therefore, it's premature to single out Israel when every nation in the world had a stake. Considering, America is the only super power and has the worlds largest economy.
That's why it's unfair to scrutinize Israel's role in American politics, when every nation has a vested interest in who heads the free world.
After all, if someone is elected President of the United States their platform will be implemented and it can have profound geo-political implications in all four corners of the globe.
Even if we did somehow sway the election to favor President Trump - it's worth mentioning Israel has endured countless rounds of interference.
Most notably by the Department of State linked organizations and shady Non Governmental Organizations funded by the European Union.
An example of this would be One Voice. This was headed by former President Obama campaign staffers who tried to oust Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. In short, the organization used Get Out the Vote with the hope of rallying Arab Israeli citizens to vote.
However, the organization violated American federal law by using American tax payer dollars for their initiatives. Thankfully, One Voice did not succeed in defeating Likud or Benjamin Netanyahu. When this information became public it further strained relations between Obama and Netanyahu.