arab peace initiative

arab peace initiative

Miracles occurred for many in the Middle East in 2020, including camels

In the shadow of a global pandemic, we recount eight unusual events as Israel celebrates the Jewish festival of lights.

Two paramedics, a Jew wearing a prayer shawl and a Muslim using a prayer mat, pray beside each other

Israelis and Palestinians must join forces in creating a new shared vision

Encountering Peace: Walls and fences are not the recipe for peace.

Is the Arab-Israel conflict solve-able?

Encountering Peace: Israelis and Palestinians will have to come to terms with each other. But neither side is prepared to do so at this time.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Saudi Arabian Crown Prince Mohammed Bin Salman

U.S. rabbi speaks of growing relations between Israel and Gulf states

"Of course, there is nervousness. It is a process. Now the good news is that the journey has begun," U.S. Rabbi Marc Schneier said to CNN's Becky Anderson. "And that is a part of the process."

Iran protest

Arab message from Warsaw: No PA veto power over Israel contacts - Analysis

What makes the very presence of Arab ministers in Warsaw significant, even if they do not shake hands with Netanyahu in front of whirling cameras, is that the Palestinians asked them not to come.


Voices from the Arab Press: The new horizons of our region

Our region is desperate for a new kind of rhetoric and a new kind of political leadership that is unlikely to emerge from the monotony and fear we are immersed in.


France to U.S.: Release your peace plan or we’ll release ours

If US President Donal Trump does not present his peace plan in the coming weeks, French President Emmanuel Macron will present his own peace plan.

July 2018's Two-State Index, an indicator for the viability of a two-state solution

How feasible is the two-state solution today?

The Two-State Index draws heavily, though not exclusively, on input and analysis from the original Geneva Initiative.

Comment: Was the peace process doomed to failure from the start?

Current diplomatic efforts to prevent war between Israel and Hamas, end the intra-Palestinian divide and forge a comprehensive regional peace appear doomed to failure.


As U.S. pushes for Mideast peace, Saudi king reassures allies

The Palestinian ambassador to Riyadh, Basem Al-Agha, told Reuters that King Salman had expressed support for Palestinians in a recent meeting with Abbas.

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