The problems with unchecked power

After the final touches to our beloved constitution were agreed upon, as Ben Franklyn was exiting the continental congress, a brave women asked Benjamin Franklin. What kind of government had our founders given us? He replied"a republic, if you can keep it."
This country wasn't built on government dependence and our constitution, throughout its inscription, reminded the people the government sole power was to enforce laws passed by congress, secure the border, and keep and maintain the strongest military force this world has ever known or seen. 
     The government of today has no limitations, in Maryland they have rain tax, in California they put limits on water use except of course in 90210 and a fewer her  surrounding upperclassmen counties. This is a liberal run state, a liberal governor, over a third of the people who reside in California are there illegally, some put the number as high as 40 percent living in the state illegally. It was the job of congress to reign in this mass migration, until they found themselves lacking in backbone. It was congresses job to appropriate funds, instead they pretty much handed the president policy wins from healthcare to the Iran deal to an almost 20 trillion dollar debt to open borders. Yet our politicians and lawyers find loopholes upon loopholes( I prefer to all it a "misinterpretation" of the constitution) but so on, they amend the constitution or mold it to find a place for government in almost every corner of our lives. Our ever extending bloated government takes off the backs of tax payers while shaking hands, grinning ear to ear with lobbyists in Capitol Hill as if someone wasn't paying for all the free stuff they felt like taking from middle income Americans. Moreover they created a sense of entitlement not self reliance, to even those who have the capability to contribute to society will now have the option of doing nothing, learning nothing, to never have the ability to further themselves.
     Leftists, ask yourself, have you grown so elitist as to use excuses that illegals take jobs Americans aren't willing to take, this is exactly the problem, liberals forget to be grateful for there are even jobs to begin with even if it isn't a marketing exec job your first year out of college. To say Americans are above any job is pretentious and degrading to our hardworking society into one of overweight me mes. If we enforced our labor laws Americans would be hired wth respectable pay by American companies if the government didn't have a plethora of policy decisions culminating with a sign on our southern border reading "cheap labor needed". It is their dubious defense of a terrible policy, we should be teaching our youth that they are going to have take jobs they're not always going to enjoy or be content with. Life is a ladder, you have to climb the bottom steps to get to the top.
     All welfare is, is a small capped number to keep the impoverished from rioting. Some need the money others abuse the program. The problem is there are so many entitlement programs that it has become almost impossible to have real oversight. Just the other month I believe up to ten doctors from multiple state defrauded Medicaid in staggering numbers of close to five hundred million dollars. This should be an outrage, and it is only one example of the ample waste this government produces annually.          
    As long as the fed keeps printing, the government will continue to spend even more than they take in and black communities schooling will remain pathetic.  Teachers given tenure when undeserved,  causing mass do-nothing's and I'll pass you as long as you show at inner city schools. Has led to no hope for a future for many communities. The right advocates for children of all backgrounds to have freedom of school choice but no the democrats must have you assigned to the public school you live in even if it has a passing grade of 30 percent.Of course the liberals don't care for that, about four percent of blacks are killed by whites every year and they cause anarchy but forget to mention the almost 90 percent black on Black Death rate. They cherry pick what fits their agenda and if they continue to do that Trump will be right and win the election. The government has failed to give the black community the proper educational tools to rise in society, the federal government receives almost four trillion in tax receipts a year and all that money only raised the debt deficit and unemployment while wages continued to stay stagnated.
     What the NYT is doing for Mrs. Clinton is shameful, I'm sorry liberals and elitists, the people are not stupid and they can see when something's not right. Mrs. Clinton has always been about personal gain first, she has no regard for the law, it's as if it were written and enforced for everyone else. That's why she couldn't even win the democratic nomination in 08. When the people look her in the eye, all they see is another one of those elitist who feel they deserve to rule this sovereign nation.
   All of our candidates have forgotten that they're job is not to rule but to serve, a simple principle but hardly ever fraught over. The people of our nation are speaking of their despair, and the government shuts ear, the people are showing their hardships, and the government turns cheek and lifts hand the other way asking for handouts. We are not to be ruled, now more then ever, do ouri representatives deserve our unfettered attention as we seek concise answers on what their plans are for the future.
   A president elected on the idea of transparency hasn't opened the blinds for the sun to even shine in. Everything's a secret, a back room deal, a promise that benefits one while hurting another. This administration will go down as one of the most secretive regimes in the history of this great nation. As a 24 year old I felt I had had enough and posted something negative abut the president and his out of control EPA regulations. This may be a mere coincidence, but until December 2012 the IRS sent me a dozen letter claiming I owed them 49 thousand dollars. On December 20th  a letter saying they had made a mistake and was given probably the most insincere apology for using most frightening arm of the government to intimidate me. From my first criticism in February 2012 I received over ten letters from the IRD until of course the president was reelected.
    It could easily have been a coincidence, but let's for a moment say it wasn't. Democrats and republicans alike should question the size and scope of the u.s government and its watchful eye on law abiding citizens, when free speech against an unpopular policy can have you suddenly owing the IRS 49 grand. The democrats offer whatever's socialist offer during times of strife-free-college, tampons, birth control, healthcare- it should be a joke but that is their reality. It went from bread and jobs to everyone deserves the excesses of life but fetuses can be discarded without issue. 
    It is not to say the establishment republicans have done much better, in fact many of us feel they have let down a large portion of this nation. Bhoener should've been gone in 2012 and it's pretty telling that he needs dem votes to secure speakership. congresses duty is to oversee the president and create law, Tip O, Neil was regarded for it. How is the president dictating laws when that is not his job? Executive orders don't  give him authority to create or obstruct current law. Yet this congress refuses to fight for not only the American people, but what is right. 
      This administration will now ask congresses take in tens of thousands of refugees from Syria. The Christians, Druze deserve asylum status, but in all sincerity America and Israel cannot afford to risk its own citizens lives by letting in Muslims who are mainly responsible for the crisis. Unless vetted by a private firm.