A Global Struggle

   People talk of a world war three like our enemy is anywhere near as formidable as the nazi machine. Please, with allied will and determination this will be the gulf of 92 with minimal causalities and resounding defeat of our barbaric enemy. America is the greatest military power on the globe, it has no equal, fighting 100,000 infantry with limited artillery and decades back on technology, will be a breeze. The real battle will be in the courtroom with lawyers trying to suppress our military from using full measures. 
    The only thing lacking was the will and dogged determination of our government to get it done. With France willing to help out more extensively, it's time to go for the jugular now, so we limit causalities. Blitzkrieg will actually save lives, and that's how the U.S. Army operates. Something we should've done a lot sooner to save thousands of Christian lives, but our president had no political will to save Christians. 
    Remember this is not the sophisticated, battle hardened, technologically advanced Germans we are facing. Our enemy are a bunch of barbarians fighting with soviet weaponry from the 70s and a few U.S munitions, through trusting the Iraqis with them. 
   The world now can understand the struggle Israel faces each and every day, when confronting radical Islam. They can now feel Israel's pain when these animals drive cars into women and children and burn our holiest of ancient sites. Israel has been dealing with this threat since before its inception.
     They ban trade with Israel over turning a desert into a bustling city, they demonize and demagogue Israel for every response Israel has taken against acts of terrorism they have taken against us. I have only one question for the west. Is terrorism in Israel different than terrorism in the west? Are you inadvertently insinuating to Israel that their never ending struggle for peace was meaningless until western blood is spilled? I know Israelis are feeling all of these emotions, but truth be told, now they now Israel's struggle. Now they know why the cost of living is so high in Israel because of a defense budget taking up a large portion of spending. Israel has no choice, if for a moment our enemies believe us to be weak, they will attack. Let's be clear, the same Isis the western is starting to fear, hasn't even approached Israel knowing that any confrontation with Israel would lead to its immediate destruction.
    This is Israel's struggle, try to wake up, go to cafe for quick coffee for wife, and having to worry that at any moment, out of anywhere, an Arab will just come and take his life. He's no soldier, he's no politician, just a regular civilian getting coffee for him and his wife. 
      This is Israel's reality each and every day, yet the world condemns Israel for only doing what any rational man would, protect her people. Radical Islam is a global threat. The west has an ally in the Middle East, her name is Israel and its time she gets the respect she deserves.