Jews of Iraq
Ex-Israel envoy publishes new list of Baghdadi Jewry surnames

"Although many books have been published about various aspects of Baghdadi Jewry and its rich heritage, none contain a systematically-researched list of surnames."

Is Iraq’s new PM losing the fight against Iranian-backed militias?

Kadhimi pledged to rein in Iranian-backed militias, but recent events highlight the difficulty of remolding critical relationships between the government and armed militias.

Iraqi security forces gather in a street, during a curfew imposed to fight the coronavirus
Prominent Iraqi government advisor Husham al-Hashemi shot dead in Baghdad

There was no immediate claim of responsibility for Hashemi's killing.

Rocket fired towards Baghdad International Airport

The rocket, a Katyusha, did not explode, according to reports.

US Army soldiers keep watch on the US embassy compound in Baghdad, Iraq January 1, 2020
Is intercepted rocket attack on US embassy a game changer? Analysis

It adds to 24 hours of tension in Iraq that coincided with American Independence Day. There were claims the US had deployed a C-RAM system to confront threats to its embassy and other facilities.

Air defenses respond to rocket attack on US Embassy in Baghdad - report

The incident took place after a number of rocket attacks near the US Embassy in Baghdad and other US military sites in recent weeks.

Iraq faces off against pro-Iranian militia in Baghdad

A raid by Iraq security forces on some of their own members on Thursday night resulted in hours of uncertainty in Baghdad.

Pro-Iranian militia 'blesses' bombing of liquor stores in Baghdad - report

The US has carried out airstrikes on Kataib Hezbollah after it carried out rocket attacks on bases where US forces are located.

Iraqi women demonstrators hold signs during ongoing anti-government protests in Kerbala, Iraq Januar
Iraq may cut June wages

Iraqi corruption, lack of foresight contribute to its economic woes, analyst says

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