Contributing factors to winning the presidency

    Ever since Our founder George Washington decided it would be best to step down after his second term in office, this nation has been allowed the very freedom to choose a leader every four years, a new one after every eight. Because of this one man, one exceptionally brave ingenious man. Other than FDR, and because of the amendment following FDRs four election victories, this nation has never seen another man hold office for longer than eight years. 
     As a nation every four years we hold the most powerful man in America accountable for his administration. If reelected, his party will either be rewarded for a successful eight years, or be heavily scrutinized for their failures. History has shown, that if this party for the last eight years fails us, miserably, we will be smart enough to give another party a go of it. 
    Both parties, after winning historic elections veer off into the clandestine talk of a permanent majority. As an American, even if my own party were to be the super majority, I would be fearful for a future without challenge to authority. Opposition allows for change, competition and accountability, principals instilled deeply within this nation. The people are hurting and feel America is on the wrong track, and naturally, the blame will be beset on the president and his party. 
    In 1988, when George H. W. Bush was elected, it was not in his charisma or a notion of a great leader that made him president. The people elected him because he was the republican party's nomination. Reagan showed us what America can be, he showed us  strength in unity, economic freedom, reminded us that the people made this nation great, not the government. America is exceptional, and he never failed to remind us of how much we can achieve with faith, devotion and effort. The people rewarded the party simply because life under Reagan was infinitely better than life under Carter.
      Thus George H.W Bush was given a chance to lead. A chance, not a mandate and unfortunately for him a very likable man from Arkansas won the presidency with less than 44 percent of the popular vote. Yes..yes I know if Ross Perot weren't on the ballot, Bush would have been reelected...but he was and took a large swath of Bush voters with him. A thriving middle class during the Clinton years looked past all of the controversy and came within a thousand votes of rewarding the party with a Gore presidency.
    In 2004, after what was than considered a very successful invasion of Iraq, and the natural patriotism of going to war allowed for Bush to see Washington for four more years. Towards the end of his presidency, the American middle class was decimated, war weary and ready for something very different from Bush. 
     Along comes the guy everyone would love to have a beer with, at least in 2008. What most people won't recognize is the democratic nominee mattered little to the outcome of the election. I'm simply saying that a democrat was going to win the 2008 election, all they needed to do was field a candidate who for all intents and purposes, wouldn't mess up. Barack Obama not only didn't mess up, but his beautifully written rhetoric had the world behind him. Either way, Obama being on the ticket only ran up the numbers. The fact that America elected its first black president, a truly historic moment, was largely because of a nation discontent with republican leadership. Had our nation seen peace and prosperity during Bush's eight years, a republican would've at least had a shot, if not been the favorite in 08.
      They kept giving the next guy in line, the old centrist the nomination. The Republican Party hasn't given a true conservative a chance to win on principal and fundamentals since Reagan. Margaret thatcher famously said, "first you win the argument, than you win the election." Nixon ruled as if he were Caesar, not a president limited by the constitution he presided over. In America, there is one thing above all a politician should never be considered, and that is a tyrant. When Nixon resigned, I believe that to be the only day he sought country over self first. 
     In politics, in life really, people need to be able to trust you. If they feel that you have a strong propensity to lie, you're chances of winning will become fantasy, in life as well. 
     When our founders won our independence. They were extraordinary, yet ordinary people, suddenly presiding over a new nation with immeasurable potential. Our founders however, people who in fact could've lived as kings, realized for freedom to exist, government must remain limited. As we approach 2016, the republicans have the advantage, not because of a stellar performance controlling both houses of congress, but rather for the very reason a democrat won in 2008. Our country is eagerly waiting to elect a new president, and Mrs. Clinton and the Democratic Party represent an extension of our current situation.