For France

     What happened in Paris is a tragedy, my words my be offensive to some. In a moment such as this one I would feel more ashamed of myself if I held my thoughts in reserve, would be a disservice to my readers. 
   They say "not all Muslims are bad" they try to convince themselves that this religion can coexist with western principles. It cannot, they seek world domination and they strive to kill civilians. The EU as well as France is to blame for the massive tragedy that occurred last night. These fundamentalist Muslims have been going around the Middle East for years now, raping, pillaging and the ethnic cleansing of Christians. I don't trust them, they should not be granted asylum under any circumstances. Last night proved that all it takes is less than ten of them to create massive panic across a major western city. America would be foolish to take in any radical Muslim as they are causing havoc from each corner of the world. The only country that doesn't see terrorism such as this is Japan, because they had the mental capacity to outlaw the Muslim religion. 
    To many this may seem outrageous, but I would not be against outlawing the Muslim religion. Under the doctrine of Mohammad, millions have been killed, tortured, enslaved, persecuted and oppressed since the inception of the Muslim religion. I do not hate Muslims, I just do not trust them. As a Jew I'm not overly surprised that they would take so much innocent life in a country that welcomes them with open arms. Ungrateful fanatics, and I believe the time for words are long gone. Nothing less than action and the immediate stoppage of migration from the Middle East and North Africa to Europe or the United States.
    The time for war has long passed and now civilians are paying the price for government ineptitude. Are we weak? No. Do we have fear? Yes, but gives us the courage to move forward. France, first needs to apologize for not vetting Muslims who enter their country. Next, war and nothing less. The only way to take Isis out is to sweep through the desert with our superior tanks and take them out for good this time.
    Terrorism will only unite us, it will also give us the determination to finish them off. Acts like these burn my heart, the fact that they were able to take out so many innocent lives before being killed is astonishing to say the least. In Texas, this many people would've never died, someone would've returned fire. In times like these, how can you not allow your law abiding citizens to carry guns, put their lives into their own hands by Europe offering the same Freedom the U.S. Gives to us. They don't wait for the police when an intruder enters their home, no, they see it, hear it, feel it coming and stand tall against those who would seek to take their life.
   As much as I blame France for the rise of Hitler, it can never be forgotten for what they did for America after the battle of Saratoga. France is Americas oldest ally, Hollande seeks vengeance, and we have no right to disagree with such direct action. No need to speak of the mistakes Europe had made by this massive influx of an unwilling assimilation into western principles and values. We need to stand united, nothing else would be justifiable.