Supreme Court choosing sides

  After the ruling by the Supreme Court legalizing gay marriage, the left has now switched their focus to religion. They proclaim the discussion is over, the media pounding the public with noting but jubilation after the ruling. The liberal activists masquerading as journalist had no qualms showing who they side with. That everyone in favor of traditional marriage is now a bigot.
         What if the government deemed your choice words so vile and unbearable, as to make them illegal? Would it be okay to throw people in jail for advocating the idea of having sex changes to children? Voices from the left are already calling those who believe in traditional marriage having no place in society.
        The left fears a voice dissimilar from theirs. Maybe I'm an outlier, but if and when I have kids, I would prefer any conversation of them having a sex change not even be considered until after 18.  Does this make me a bigot? To the left, unfortunately yes. I have no problem with transgendered or the LBGT community for that matter, but that doesn't necessarily mean have to agree with it. 
         I believe gay couples deserve having equal rights under the law. However, I strongly disagree with the government going to places of religion and threatening them with incredulous fines because they believe in traditional marriage. The difference is essentially this. The government must treat all people equally, regardless of skin color, religion, sex, or sexual preference under the law. Yet, The government has no right to threaten religious institutions with absurd fines because they are unwilling to go against everything they believe in, by marrying two people of the same-sex. The same would apply for a gay photographer having the right to turn down working for heterosexual marriage reception. The government must tread lightly, freedom of religion is just as, if not even more important than freedom of expression.
         If the LBGT community refrains from belittling the religious community than they will continue to grow support, if they remain hostile to religions than this debate is long from settled. If the LBGT community wishes to consolidate public support, it would serve them best to respect religious institutions. 
       Religion plays a vital role in a large majority of people's lives. Traditional marriage has been a cornerstone for religions from Muslims to Christians to Jews and many countless others for thousands of years. Those who oppose gay marriage on religious and natural beliefs are not going to wake up tomorrow and rewrite religions that have been practiced for millennia. It would be foolish to suggest that five unelected judges are going to change the opinions of the faithful millions. The liberal activist media can do all the persuading they want, the argument is far from over, no matter how many times they proclaim the debate settled. Even as religious tolerance grows towards the LBGT movement, the LBGT community continues to demonize them for a belief that was shared by president Obama as recently as 2008. 
      Just the other day, cnn anchors were comparing opposition to same sex marriage to segregationist. This is an egregious suggestion, a callous, pretentious display of a media that has no shame in advocating for specific hotly contested political issues.The debate is far from over, and I believe states rights will win out