Time to rally behind Ted Cruz

     A junior senator from Texas, born of Cuban decent, is the most deserving and pragmatic choice for the republican nomination. His intellect in unmatched, his wit, envied by his rivals, his record unscathed. But what makes him stand above the rest is his ability to espouse conservative ideals that will appeal to the masses with unquestionable eloquence. The media absolutely despises him, they've tried to paint him as some radical since day one. He is nothing of the sort and as of right now he is tied with Hillary in national polls with 27 percent still unsure about him. Meaning they don't know enough about him to make a decision, leaving a tremendous amount of room for growth, considering Mrs Clinton has an almost one hundred percent name recognition. 
    Raised by a single mother early in life, until his father found G-d and returned to his family when Ted was still an adolescent. Considering all the machinations working against him, he was still able to rise above a somewhat volatile childhood to have unequal grades, earning him entry into Harvard. He went to Harvard as the number one debater, and left Harvard as the number one ranked debater in the nation. After becoming a lawyer, he successfully litigated numerous cases to the Supreme Court with his uncanny knowledge of the constitution. If he wins the nomination, Hilary will be exposed for exactly what she is. A former First Lady who thought herself above the law, that caused her to make unforgivable mistakes in the Middle East, and praise Obama every time he acts like a king. Anyone else deleting emails from a private server while "serving" the public would've been indicted on destroying possible evidence in a federal investigation. Hilary Clinton believes she is untouchable she talks with such arrogance, but the best part is she has no idea what she's talking about. Every time she's asked a question, she robotically flips to some vague talking points nothing to do with the question. Mrs Clinton, was wrongly perceived as this uber intelligent incorruptible public servant when she's nothing of the sort. Ted Cruz would be a nightmare for the democrats, for they themselves are dumbfounded when making counter arguments against Ted Cruz.
    When the nomination is decided, and the republican candidate can then change his strategy to appeal to the general public, no one has the ability to achieve this goal better than senator Cruz. He has a plan, he's had a strategy from day one, he believes in his convictions, he fights for his convictions. And he has consistently exposed the media for their blatant liberal bias. He will win the argument and that is how the republicans will win the election. I understand the people's support for Trump, I understand they're mad at Washington, and they should be. Yet, Ted Cruz has been anti-establishment since day one-Mitch Mcconnell can't stand the guy, those are some pretty likeable traits. He has actually been fighting Washington from the inside, not just castigating it from a distance. He fought against the TPP because of the detrimental effects it would have on the American worker. He fought the government because they were spending the people's money like drug addicts, and borrowing more to feed their addiction. He will fight for all the people and when another ten nominees drop out his message will become clearer and more universal. The media will no longer be able to distort his comments, the people will be able to decide for themselves who this man truly is, and what he truly believes. 
    If the election comes down to Mrs. Clinton and Ted Cruz, after the first debate the DNC will be petitioning the FEC to cancel the rest of the debates. Mrs. Clintons record as Secretary of State will go down as the worst tenure of a Secretary of State this nation has ever known. Cruz will expose the devastation her decisions have had on the Middle East, her inability to follow the law, her support for Obamacare-her record speaks for itself, Ted will just articulate it, for those who didn't fully comprehend the magnitude of her incompetence. 
      Debbie Waserman Shultz has ran the DNC as an arm of the Clinton campaign. I'm no democrat, but if I were, I would be completely abhorred by the way she runs the DNC-timing the debates on weekends coinciding with large sporting events so less people will watch is the most anti-democratic move anyone can make from any party. Even though Mr. Sanders is a socialist, he deserves his say and he was just shut off by the democratic national committee, almost admitting they feared his message would resonate with their voters. They already know Hilary can't debate, so if (and hopefully) when she debates Ted Cruz, the people will finally get to see who is actually fit to lead this nation. Let's not forget, this is the same Ted Cruz that told a bunch of white supremacists-that if you do not not stand with Israel, than I will not stand with you- to paraphrase as best I can. 
      The party needs to coalesce around one candidate, and Ted Cruz is a proven conservative, who has shown his disdain for special interest groups, and can actually win the general election. He will serve the people, not the Washington cartel.