Trump will change the race

          Yes, he sounds aloof, maybe even a little pretentious at times, but what politicians don't. The American people are hungry for a leader who will no longer sugarcoat the situation in america, and provide us with the whole truth, no matter how bad it may be. 
      However you feel about trump personally, this was an admirable decision, when considering the millions of dollars he's already lost since his announcement. A lot more so, than that of Hilary's two hundred thousand dollar a speech charge, and flying on private jets after giving a speech on climate change.
       The likelihood of him winning the nomination is still very slim, but he sure has put the race for the republican nomination on its head. He's going to force potential candidates to answer tough questions, questions they would never be asked had he not entered the race. His comments on Latin Americans were offensive, but nonetheless immigration is a problem many voters will be paying close attention to. Obamas immigration policy has been a disaster, and there's little doubt that Americans want something done already, Trump is tapping into that.
      Jeb bush has failed demonstrably at encouraging and rallying the base, yes he has a lot of money, but thats where it ends. The 2016 election will answer questions of our nations destiny. Will we bound ourselves upon the chains of government dependence, or shall we break away from our big brother and re-create the American Dream. The American idea is one that lives amongst each and everyone of us, that we will guide our own two feet, that we will live life on our terms, that no amount of government promises can amount to the promise we make to ourselves. The Democratic Party clings to the theory, that we cannot progress as a people unless we hand over unlimited, unmitigated, unchecked power to our undeserving representatives.
       Personally, I've always preferred a candidate more calm, cool and collected. Jeb Bush, Scott walker, and Ben Carson fit this billing. Yet, I have no issue with a candidate forcing tough questions on the rest of the field. They say Trump is ruining the brand, that the press will have a field day with his unsavory comments. I say, let it be, this same media will back a democrat anyway. Most conservatives have very little trust in the media, and a few inflammatory comments are not going to turn away a large percentage of republican voters eagerly awaiting to be represented in Washington(over 53 percent of republicans feel they are not being represented at all).
         The very fact that jeb is building a war chest the size of all his rivals combined, is exactly what's wrong with Washington, big money does not represent the people. Jeb is too beholden by big money, and that is why he's the first one to back positions that big business lobby's for.  Trump is only doing well because everyone else is representing there special interest groups, and not the American people. The American people have spoken loud and clear, no more career politicians, no more politicians who benefit from the statues quo. 
       It's time for a leader to be blunt, to be frank with all of us on what needs to change in order for America to prosper. America needs a leader that understands the limitations of government, someone who fully believes in the constitution, someone who will put country before self.