We will never forget

As the German tanks rolled through Ukraine in the summer of 41, the crowd was jubilant. Kissing, raving and giving roses to what they believed would be their German saviors from the horrors of communism. How wrong they were. In only a matter of days, the Germans started rounding up the "undesirables" and executing them. Everyone knew, but they were Jews, so no one cared.
    Who could forget the monster Herberts Cukurs known only to us as "The Butcher of Riga," who would parade himself around Latvia in his spotless Nazi suit, galloping on his thoroughbred horse with a baby Jew strapped to its back? Some of the facts are so disturbing that I would prefer to not ever write a word about them, but people need to be reminded. We were at the mercy of monsters, executed for believing in Hashem. We were stateless, army less and scattered in what eventually led to the subsequent murder of six millions of our loved ones. What would amount to almost 20 million Jews today, given the current birth rate.
    In our unity we found strength, in our unity we gathered in our ancestral homeland and made it a bustling state. A billion Arabs could not shake the foundations of a mere few million Jews driven by the same goal. That goal was freedom, freedom in the land Hashem had promised us. We must be reminded each and every day that freedom comes at the cost of the greatest among us. Freedom is not passed through in our bloodlines, it is handed to future generations with the blood-soaked flags of patriots.
     People use the word xenophobic as if the people speaking out against the abhorrence of Islam is equaled to the persecution of our people. They do not know what it's like to be packed into a train cart with no food, no water, no air to breathe, only to arrive at their deaths. They think we are kidding when we say never again, they would be foolish to think we will ever allow ourselves to be at the mercy of others. There is only one being in the Universe that deserves our full trust, and that is G-d. The left can claim their tolerance all they want, words mean nothing at the end of the day. Their actions have only shown that they are in the midst of making Israel the pariah state, for merely fighting for its survival. They have abandoned Israel, they have claimed she murders Palestinians at will, they claim her own land is not hers. They have successfully made the Holocaust into an allegation, an argument up for debate.
     The Holocaust seems like an afterthought to the new generation. They are so far removed from real persecution, that they'd rather spend their time protesting the fact that men who "think" and "feel" that they are women, should have the right to enter a women's bathroom. If they believe that to be subjugation, they clearly haven't read their history books. I would bet over 65 percent of college kids never heard of Kristallnacht, the night of broken glass, the night that would be the precursor for the Nazi's "final solution." The night the Nazis burned thousands of Jewish synagogues to a crisp, as they rounded up thousands more to be sent to concentration(work to death)camps. It is clear they don't remember our people being forced to wear the star of David around their arms, emblazoned on their shops, for the sole purpose of being easily identifiable for an old fashioned beating that more often than not led to death. They don't remember the systematic slaughter of our people, the Nazi's well-integrated policy with a full infrastructure and men willing to take part in it. That is oppression, that is persecution. People being confined to their biological bathrooms when the world is finding every excuse to make Israel the enemy of the world, is disheartening at best. It is glorifying as much as it is heartbreaking to know, not only did the Nazis fail to achieve their devilish "Final solution" policy, but the creation of the Jewish state could not have been without it. The world may forget, the world may be manipulating their youth into thinking Jews secretly run the world. That is fine, we have Israel, and we have not forgotten. We have strength, pride, and ingenuity unequaled in this world. When our goals are the same, no nation on earth can stand against Israel with Hashem at her side. We will never forget those days when Jewish women were raped in front of their husbands than executed in front of their eyes. We will never forget the world turning a blind eye, as millions of us were being slaughtered throughout Europe, simply because we believed in Hashem. Israel is everything to us, it is the last hope of every man or woman who identifies as a Jew. As VE days looms, it is a somber reminder of what those decades of persecution were like. Forgive me, hundreds of years if we go back to the Spanish Inquisition. The hatred is still there, U.Ks current labor leader is in constant communication with Hamas and Hezbollah. The president of the United States created an environment for something as shameful as BDS to come to fruition. Worst of all, Jews lead some of the largest organizations against Israel along with all their false accusations. The U.N is nothing more than a body whose sole focus has been making Israel the world's enemy. If there was ever a time to recognize the reality of a world becoming more and more anti-Semitic by the day, less than a hundred years removed from the Holocaust, it is now. That is a conversation we leave for another day. Today we remember the millions of lives lost, the generations that could've have been, the loved ones we never got to meet. Israel is our greatest reaffirmation of the existence of G-d, his everlovingkindness towards the resilience of our people. There is no psalm or quote that could ever truly encapsulate the greatness of our lord, our G-d; the debt that can never be repaid. You can now follow me on Twitter at larrypolya222