What is right, is not always popular

      Muslim men ages 20-30 should be denied asylum on basis of loyalty. When countries take in migrants, a certain degree of loyalty is expected. Their new home allows for their perseverance, it is only right that this new homeland ask for civil behavior from their new neighbors and perpetual assimilation.
    Europe knows what comes with Muslim migration, chaos with a laundry list of new problems. The asylum seekers claim to have come only to seek safety and opportunity. Yet, when we grant them asylum their hatred for the west remains unchanged. They escaped a country and an idea they supposedly had so much faith, so much conviction in, as to torture and murder civilians. Yet, after war became too real for them, they flee, and they lay their hands out asking for generous Europe to provide jobs, healthcare, welfare, you name it. 
       Are we to be fooled by a Trojan horse? Only time can tell, because at the moment I believe Europe and the United States will begin to take in astronomical numbers of refugees. 
      Germany is the number one economy in Europe by far, but who knows, maybe they want to restore German anti-semetism. These men bring with them the same hatred they so loudly espoused in their homelands, of our nations. Now we are going to accept them on a massive scale, with the same hatred,  make sense? We will never predict the outcome no matter the amount of research, but risk reward should always be assessed and held into account. The risk this time, simply does not outway the award, especially when almost none of these refugees will be vetted. If the world is to help, it would be in our best interest to stabilize the region, so these people can live and prosper in their own homelands. 
   Islam, in its foundation asks for world dominance. Young men will always be easily influenced by Imams to take their own life in pursuit of this insane idea that taking any innocent life, is actually the will of God. Until they change their view on an thousands year old manuscript, than we must remain vigilant in protecting our freedoms and civilians. If they are unwilling to adhere to peaceful coexistence, than we should be unwilling to provide asylum when the war they started, found themselves kicking at Europes door for safety and now ours.
    I don't understand these Muslim wars of attrition, it's like both sides keep saying to each other, each day of battle, that the next will bring victory. They have no valor, they fight for an unjust cause and that is why neither side has gained a solid upper hand during this almost 5 years of bloodshed not seen for decades. Where is the Gall of these Arab generals, when will they make a move, in every army's history their comes a time when it will never be stronger from the day in which they speak of, so fate will have it, that they fight now to win.
       Our "allies" don't have the will power to take the initiative. Although It's thousands of miles away, we somehow know that neither side will do anything substantial to end the bloodshed, leaving the rest of us with a moral and domestic policy dilemma. Do we go in and show them how wars end, bring peace to the land and leave hoping they will find some sort of governance. Or do we do nothing, and allow their millions to flee to our homelands and bring their mid evil minds with them. 
    I mean to speak of no ill words, I wish to not dismiss a religion because it is based on ancient traditions that clearly obfuscates themselves from our modern way of life. 
    Our God is just, he does not wish women to be slaves, God is merciful, he does not wish non believers death, God is ever judging and by the Muslims recent actions his judgment will be harsh. Wether today, Or tomorrow the religion of oppression and subjugation will be wiped off the face of this planet. Not because it is something the west or Asia sought out to do, but rather for forcing the worlds hand and leaving them no choice but to declare the only way for humanity to see peace is for this religion to no longer exist in its ancient format. 
      It's time to remind the Middle East, Russia and China the military power the United States truly is. In mere months we could have Demascus, Baghdad, Mosul and Aleppo under our control or heavy fire. The United States is much more than Barack Obama, he may be weak and defeated and left to making irate statements of disillusioned reality. Kind of like Hitler in the last year of the war when he was ordering phantom armies to hold positions. But the American people remain strong, they remain vigilant, they remain steadfast in their long and arduous struggle for freedom. They won't stand idly by for too long if our enemies insist on anarchy. 
    If we allow Russia to build a substantial army in Syria, we might as well hand them the keys to the Middle East. Hey, they might be better and more decisive than America ever was during Obama war. But in reality, Russia's ultimate goal is to knock of America as the lone superpower leading to our credit system collapsing (I'll explain in another article). Russia is about to take the Middle East, and Obama is handing it to them by only asking to have sincere conversations of cooperation. The only thing optimistic about this whole scenario, Putin genuinely seems as though, he is largely for the Jewish cause. I have Russian satellite, he constantly brings Russian rabbis to speak of the freedoms the Jews are afforded under the Putin regime. This may be of course propaganda, but his actions have held up with Israel at least. 
    I am in no means trying to humanize Putin, his intentions are to replace America or at least join America as a perceived superpower so our debt and deficit will actually be held accountable. He looks (looks can be deceiving) to be aiming for the second coming of the soviet bloc.
    A year in a half is plenty of time for this president to make a slew of absolute disastrous ideological decisions that will be to the detriment of the American people. In God we trust that competence makes its way to the White House, either by miracle or sudden realization, for the sake of the preservation of this great nation, its guiding constitution, and our economy.