The anti-Judeo-Christian ideas govern Judeo-Christian America

Americans on Christianity
The large majority of Americans -- 77% of the adult population -- identify with a Christian religion; another 18% of Americans do not have an explicit religious identity and 5% identify with a non-Christian religion.
American government on Christianity
President Barak Obama: “Whatever we once were, we are no longer a Christian nation;” “We do not consider ourselves a Christian nation.”
The Supreme Court: “Companies cannot discriminate against prospective employees for religious reasons” that means that a company cannot do anything that would show preferential respect for Judeo-Christian values over Islamic or any other non-Judeo-Christian values.
Thus, in the USA, there are the Judeo-Christian majority, which is guided by Biblical moral values, and the Government, which does not believe that its duty is to defend the nation’s Judeo-Christian moral values against the intrusion of moral values of its spiritual adversaries.
The anti-Judeo-Christian minority led by an army of all-mighty lawyers is using, skillfully but deceitfully, the US Constitution as the tool for removing the Judeo-Christian morality from the government legislative work. This powerful Judeo-Christian minority succeeds since the authoritative priests and rabbis have removed themselves from guiding the government legislative work and have secluded themselves to their churched and synagogues. The Judeo-Christian religious authorities withdrew themselves from guiding the government legislative work and let the anti-Judeo-Christian lawyers rule. Now the anti-Judeo-Christian lawyers-politicians are guiding the government – not the Judeo-Christian authorities - on what is “GOOD” and what is “BAD” and therefore should be declared legal or illegal.
The all-mighty anti-Judeo-Christian lawyers-politicians have replaced the Judeo-Christian Bible-based values by the newly coined politically correct, PC, values, and priests and rabbis have been silent.
The PC, anti-Judeo-Christian rulers proclaim, “freedom of religion is a fundamental constitutional principle.” However, when somebody begins to practice the “proclaimed freedom of religion” and demands the government not to replace the Biblical, Judeo-Christian definitions of marriage, family, equality, morality, and so on, the PC rulers-keepers are proclaiming that the US Constitution forbids such expressions of “freedom of religion”. However, the US Constitution does not forbids the Judeo-Christian moral values – the Constitution itself is based on these values. What the US Constitution forbids is a supreme power of a selected one religious denomination since this would mean the suppression of religious freedom of other religious denominations.
Here are just a few examples.
The priests and rabbis were silent when the PC keepers decreed the man-woman equality to be judged by the equal pay instead of the Bible-guided equal respect for well-done work in the family and at any work-place position from a clerk to a CEO.
They were silent when the PC keepers decreed the legal family to be defined as a join living of almost anything and everything instead of a Bible-defined family as a male-female union created for procreation.
They were silent when the PC keepers decreed the equality of moral values of all religions instead of emphasizing the superiority of Judeo-Christian Biblical values, at least for our Bible-guided Western civilization.
They were silent when the PC keepers decreed the Blacks were in need of the government help through the Affirmative Action Act instead of proposing to treat everybody equally and to assist all the disadvantaged through the Charity/Mitzvah actions as the Bible guides us.
They were silent when the PC keepers decreed Israel is a part of the Middle-Eastern problems instead of declaring that Israel is defending the Western Judeo-Christian world in the Middle East.
The priests and rabbis have to get together, create a Judeo-Christian union in defense of the true freedom of religion, and put together a sort of “true religious freedom restoration act” that would guide the government on how to restore the mutual Judeo-Christian values in the government legislative work. Otherwise, we will continue marching to abyss.