The Garden Terrace at Waldorf Astoria opened the season with G&T

The Garden Terrace bar on the roof of Waldorf Astoria Jerusalem was opened this week for the summer period. The new theme for this summer is Gin & Topic, the “hot” drink for the summer in Europe. The terrace offers cocktails, tapas and cigars.

Ezio Canetti, ambassador of Gin Mare from Barcelona opened the season with a G&T workshop. The opening night’s guests prepared two aromatic G&T drinks with him: G&T with fruit and G&T with lemon and mint. The G&T drinks will add on to the drink offerings at the terrace bar, in addition to the existing beverages featuring their smoky cocktail “Jerusalem of Gold”.

Ezio Canetti (right) - photo courtesy of the Waldorf AstoriaEzio Canetti (right) - photo courtesy of the Waldorf Astoria

G&T Cocktail at the Garden Terrace bar

Here are the classic and unique G&T” drinks that are available on the Garden Terrace beverages menu:

Gin Mare , Olive and Sea Salt - The Mediterranean flavors of Gin Mare paired with rinsed olives, a crumble of sea salt flakes, and an extra zest of lemon peel.

Gin Mare, Mango - Freshly sliced mango decorates this version of our gin and tonic, bringing fruity thirst-quenching forward note that elevates the gin.

Gin Mare, Thyme and Basil - Garden Terrace fresh thyme and basil leaves are added to Gin Mare and tonic, to give you a light herbaceous take on the “G&T”.

Beefeater 24 - This super-premium green tea inspired gin is paired with lemon verbena and Fever Tree lemon tonic.

Hendricks - Here we lift the cucumber and rose water essences in the gin by adding fresh cucumber spirals and aromatic dried rose petals.

Tanqueray 10 - The first gin to enter the Spirits Hall of Fame, created with chamomile flowers and fresh limes, oranges and grapefruits; we've picked up on those characteristics to pair this gin with fresh pink grapefruit.

Plymouth - Plymouth gin has a flavor profile all of its own, robust and aromatic. They've complimented those flavors by adding sweet fresh strawberries and the spice of black peppercorns.

The Garden Terrace – Cocktails, Tapas, and Cigars

The garden terrace is located on the 4th floor of the Waldorf Astoria Jerusalem. It is a groomed garden with herbs and flowers situated on the rooftop of the lower building of the hotel. The terrace is serene and romantic and is well-suited for gathering and romantic dates.

The tapas served here are the creation of Chef Itzik Mizrahi Barak, and includes tapas such as Salmon Gravlax made with a spray of gin, Pullet Tortilla containing chicken, mini shawarma served on a small pita, spicy merguez flavored kebab, and an excellent entrecote medallions a la plancha. The food here is excellent; but expect small-sized chef plates!


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The Garden Terrace is open to hotel guests and the general public from Sunday to Thursday between 18:30–23:30. Guests will enjoy 2 hours complimentary parking in the hotel car park. For reservations call: 972-2-5423333

Prices: tapas NIS45-65, wines and alcoholic beverages starting from around NIS40, G&T drinks around NIS90.

Kosher Mehadrin

Disclosure: I was a guest of the Garden Terrace