When Slave Honoured by Ruler

 The person, who was denied Visa by many Global leaders for more than a decade for his alleged role in 2002 Hindu-Muslim riots in Gujarat State of India, how dramatically became Prime Minister of world’s largest and most stable Democracy, and emerged as World’s most powerful leaders, is still indigestible for many.  


United States of America, United Kingdom, and other European countries which had denied him Visa for more than 10 years since 2002, for inciting anti-Muslim riots, and his anti-Muslim policies in state of Gujarat of which he was chief minister for 4 terms, are now welcoming him openheartedly.


However, Mr. Modi did not only compensate his 10 years of exile, but also emerged as a World leader representing India’s image not only as global partner in terms of trade but in terms international security, peace and prosperity.


He made the world re-create their thinking about India and Indians. The Indians, no matter which country they living in, have showed confident in his leadership and have started thinking of a new India and started their efforts towards his ambitions.


In merely one year and half year of governance, Mr. Narendra Modi, visited more than 27 countries including western counties United States of America, Canada, Germany, France, , Ireland, United Kingdom, east Asian countries viz. Japan, China, Mongolia, South Korea, central Asia like Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan,  island countries like Mauritius,  Singapore, Australia, Seychelles besides other Indian major partners Sri Lanka, Nepal, Bhutan, Bangladesh, UAE, Brazil, Russia and made them realise the India’s potential.



Wherever his visited he invented a new way of mutual relationship and understanding among nations with awakening a new hope among Indians residing in whole world.  Heretofore, Mr Barack Obama, Mr Vladimir Putin or British premier David Cameron were the world leaders known for their administrative efficiencies and international policies but now Mr Modi and India is not behind in international prominence may be for the first time in independent Indian History.


This is his charisma that wherever he went and he made release Indian Diaspora how important they are for India and for the country they are living in and what they have to give to their mother land. He tried to connect with their hearts and made them release them of their patriotism.


Modi team better understand how to oblige the Indian living in abroad to allure them investing in India. He capitalized his two visits to Unite States of America for participating in United Nations annual meet, with invocating Indians in to mega event organised at Manhattans’ Garden Madinson Square and Silicon Valley, the Indian majority places.


In the same way, in Britain he was given such a warm and spectacular welcome which never ever any Indian Prime Minister received. In his address to Indians in Britain Mr. Modi said that the time has been reserved in 70 years, and no doubt it was manifested in various events organised in Mode’s honour. Guard of honour in the respect of Mr. Modi, by the same country which slaved India for 200 years, and his speech in British parliament, has proclaimed that India is no more a third world country.


Anyhow, it is well-known that from these visits, Mr Modi is trying to bring as much foreign investment that no one will remain unemployed and poor in India. After all, as he says he is a Gujarati 'Baniya' and knows very well how to bring money from other’s pocket, it very true.