Dedicated to evil but seeking charity

The Palestinians have been busy at work attempting to transform the landscape of Israel through the use of fire-kites and explosive drones. In fact, Hamas now has an entire brigade dedicated to producing incendiary kites and bomb-carrying drones to be used as weapons against Israel. Over the course of the past several months the Palestinians have successfully scorched hundreds of acres of Israel’s farmland which has had a negative effect on the Israeli economy but only in the short term. Sadly, the Palestinians are hoping for more. What they want is total devastation of Israel’s crops. They believe they are accomplishing this goal by sending flaming kites over the border wall to ignite Israel’s fields and pastures but G-d’s word says that what the enemy means for evil, He (G-d) will use for good. Amazingly, ash is an excellent source of lime and potassium, a must-have for most every farmer. In addition, ash provides many trace elements that plants need to survive. Another benefit of ash is that it is a natural pest control. Palestinian plans for harming Israel's croplands just may be backfiring!
Sadly, rather than use their time, efforts and energy for good, the Palestinians think only of Israel’s destruction and work day and night toward this goal. In contrast, Israelis are hard at work all day, every day developing new inventions and techniques from which the entire world benefits. Even the most hardened antisemite cannot dispute the tangible facts.
Among its many innovations and accomplishments, Israel is a powerhouse in agricultural technology holding an edge in genetic plant research. Its advances in gene editing (GE) have the potential to make agriculture more sustainable for the world’s booming population despite changes in climate.
To address famine in arid regions of the world, Israeli scientists are using GE technology to research desert plants which are drought resistant and heat tolerant. It’s important to note that GE products are not the same as genetically modified organisms (GMOs). The safety of GMOs has not been determined. Genetically modified organisms (GMOs) introduce DNA from foreign species into plants, often with unpredictable results. But gene editing (GE) simply removes a gene with an undesirable characteristic that occurs naturally in one species. According to Dr. Avi Perl, chief scientist for the Israeli Ministry of Agriculture, “Genome editing mimics what G-d does through natural mutation. In a vineyard growing green grapes, a farmer may find a red one of the same cultivar. This is a natural mutation in color. That’s why gene editing is a safe breeding tool.”
Using GE technology, Israel may soon be in a position to address and help alleviate world hunger and famine. There are more than a dozen Israeli-bred fruits and vegetables with more on the way. So, if Dublin wants to boycott products that come from the “illegally occupied” territories, lets’ hope Ireland doesn’t experience another period of mass starvation and disease such as the potato famine of 1845. Heaven forbid that Ireland’s antisemitic tummies should again begin to growl with hunger. But, if they do, Ireland can rest assured that it will be Israel which comes to their blarney aid and not the Palestinians.
Few are aware that Israel is always on the front lines of providing disaster relief around the world. They are often the first to arrive on any scene offering humanitarian aid, medical care and psychological comfort to those impacted by tsunamis, hurricanes, mud slides, ship wrecks, plane crashes and so on - another stark contrast with their Palestinian neighbors. While much has been written about the Palestinians receiving humanitarian aid, there are few words to be found about Palestinian contributions. Guess it’s hard to help others with minds focused on evil and hands outstretched looking to take rather than to give.