Israel's Top Award for Less Than Top Support?

First, it was a bit surprising to hear the news that the United States President Barack Obama is planning to visit Israel in March. That''s surprising because, with all his multitudinous travels, the president did not once visit Israel during his entire first term in office. Secondly, it is even more surprising, even shocking, to hear that Israeli President Shimon Peres plans to honor Obama with Israel''s Presidential Medal of Distinction during his visit.


What in the world could be in Peres'' mind? How could the Israeli president deign to so honor the one who is said by many to be the United States'' most anti-Israel and pro-Arab president in history? Not only did he snub Israel during his extensive Middle East visit to several Arab and Muslim countries, but during his visit in Egypt he also clearly identified himself as being one with the Muslims. 


It is true that Obama has made several statements of support for Israel. In his recent "state of the union" speech he declared, "We will stand steadfast in behalf of Israel in the interests of security and lasting peace." That was all he said in the whole speech about Israel and the Middle East, as if Israel and the Middle East are of little importance to him and to the United States right now. However, his anti-Israel and pro-Arab-Muslim actions speak louder than his words. His words and his deeds caused his approval ratings among Israelis to plummet dismally to less than ten percent.


In a media release Peres'' office explained: "President Obama will be recognized for his unique and significant contribution to strengthening the state of Israel and the security of its citizens." Peres and the committee behind the award also noted Obama''s "overall friendship and his backing of the Iron Dome missile defense system." That is Peres'' thinking. However, it is not surprising, as the Israeli media noted, Prime Minister Netanyahu is not a party to this award.


Is it not in Peres'' mind that Obama has had a tense relationship with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu? Obama recently charged, "The prime minister of Israel doesn''t even understand what''s in Israel''s own interests." Does Peres not recall how Obama has repeatedly criticized Netanyahu over the Jewish state''s West Bank settlement policies, how many times he has chastised Netanyahu for not obeying his instructions to halt building more homes in the Jewish communities in Judea and Samaria? Does Peres not remember how Obama has so often criticized Israel for the lack of progress in developing peace with the Palestinians, and how many times he has threatened negative action if Israel did not work diligently to fulfill the "two-state solution?" Has Peres forgotten Obama''s demeaning treatment of the visiting Israeli prime minister at the White House in Washington on two occasions? Has he forgotten Obama''s comment to the president of France that he couldn''t stand Netanyahu and didn''t like having to deal with him on a daily basis?  Is Peres ignoring Obama''s gift of a fleet of F-16 fighter planes to Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood controlled government, plus more than two billion dollars in financial aid? Does Peres not understand that the only enemy Egypt has for the use of those fighter planes would be Israel? Does he block out of his mind that Obama failed to provide security for the murdered American diplomats in Benghazi, Libya, and then lied to America and to the world about the situation?


Furthermore, does Peres not understand how Obama has been trying to brainwash the U.S. people into thinking that capitalism is bad and that successful businessmen should be punished? Doesn''t Peres recognize how Obama projects that liberty is bad and that people must be willing to give up individual rights, especially religious freedoms? Does Peres not see how Obama thinks individual responsibility is bad and that most people are victims who should depend on the government to care for their housing, food, and healthcare needs?  Has Peres noticed that Obama has recently threatened Fox News for criticism of his actions, ignoring the First Amendment to the U.S. Constitution, which stresses that a free press is vital to the preservation of freedom? Never mind that most of the rest of the national news media outlets seem to be avid members of his liberal political team.


How can President Peres not publicly oppose Obama''s appointment of strongly anti-Israel Sen. Charles Hagel to serve as the new U.S. Secretary of Defense? In Hagel''s Senate confirmation hearings he belittled the threat to Israel of the Iran backed Hezbollah terrorists. He undermined the importance of preventing Iran from acquiring nuclear weapons. He said he didn''t remember making a past statement in which he referred to the U.S. State Department as "an adjunct of the Israeli government."


In spite of all this, President Peres is going to honor President Obama anyway!