What the Palestinians need most they ignore

Consider the innovations that Israel has recently given to the world. In April 1999, the Israeli technology company M-Systems filed a patent for the very first thumb drive, revolutionizing the way information is stored and transferred. In 2009, Israeli scientists working alongside their counterparts from several European countries developed the first robotic prosthetic hand, the SmartHand, allowing the user to perform even delicate tasks such as playing the piano or dialing a phone. Meanwhile, the Palestinian leadership has refined skills of their own – terror, propaganda and Anti-Semitism. 
Just last year a group of scientists led by an Israeli scientist produced the very first stem cells from endangered species, a breakthrough with the potential to rescue entire species of animals from the threat of extinction. The list goes on and the impact is immeasurable.
The world is waiting for the Palestinian leadership to give up terror and embrace innovation. If they ever do, the opportunities are endless. In his book, Startup Nation: The Story of Israel’s Economic Miracle, Dan Senor lays out the impact of Israel’s innovative spirit. There are nearly 4,000 start-up companies found within Israel (population 7.8 million), second in number only to the United States (population 314 million). The “Israel Effect” has impacted economies around the world, in Ireland, Dubai and Singapore. However, if any people should benefit from the influence of the “Israel effect” it should be the Palestinians. Unfortunately, the Palestinian leadership has chosen to ignore the Israel miracle altogether. Instead of innovation the Palestinian leadership has clung to hatred and terror and its own people have suffered.
Innovation means change. To make progress, to advance. These are things to which Israel holds fast. It is these very things that the Palestinians need most.