Expo Milan 2015 calls, Israel responds

Italy is preparing for a global event: EXPO 2015, to be held in Milan from May to October, 2015.
More than 140 countries from the five continents will take part, 20 million visitors are expected to come, 8 million should arrive from abroad.
The event will be exceptional because, unlike all the last EXPOs, including that in Shanghai, China, in 2010, it will no longer be a simple trade fair, a shop window of innovations from all over the world, but will be themed. The themes of EXPO 2015 are “Feeding the Planet” and “Energy for Life”. This is the reason why EXPO 2015 is considered unique. The themes in question are fundamental for defining the future of the planet and of the human species: there are 7 billion of us, and soon we will be 12 billion. What will we eat? What will we use as energy for living, traveling and working? Big questions!

Israel will be present at Expo Milan 2015 with his pavilion titled Fields of Tomorrow, presenting the innovation experiences of a group of companies of excellence in technology and agricultural business.
The title of the pavilion is immediately clear starting from the main entrance. A fascinating green pavilion of 2369 square meters characterized by a vertical wall outside, 70 meters long and 12 high, on which grow flowers, grass and live plants that inevitably will change continuously during the period of exposure, changing colors with the passing of the seasons ensuring a great spectacle.

The choice of the pavilion architect, David Knafo, to create this vertical garden outside, is not random, but strongly symbolic. He aimed to underline the enormous efforts made by Israel in technology and agriculture from 1948 till now, the country has struggled with the difficult conditions of its territory, turning them into opportunities. Thanks to the important technological inventions, they were able to transform the arid Negev desert into gardens and entire agricultural and fertile areas.
Inside the pavilion is subdivided in two spaces. The first space illustrates through a movie the history of Israeli agriculture and reforestation plan led by the Jewish National Fund, while in the second space will be central the products of the earth and their cooking thanks to an open kitchen, with the background of traditional music.
Very important is the presence of the most innovative realities of the country such as the group Aquate, which deals with desalinate sea water to make it drinkable, to create tanks for water captured through evaporation, which is then used to irrigate and then for agricultural production and finally the production of solar and wind energy. For the first time all of these processes have been linked together in a single solution constituting a technological circuit among the most innovative in the world.
There is also a biotechnology company TransAlgae, they have developed a seaweed that through its special molecules may be considered in place of vaccines and protein-based drugs, so instead of injections now pills are available or fish fed with the same algae.
Another company that deserved to represent Israeli innovation is AutoAgronom, they work in the field of crop irrigation, optimal and sustainable fertilization in most environments climate of the planet, reducing water pollution, the consumption of energy, the overall costs for farmers.
The basic idea of the innovation presented is the natural and environmentally friendly water-sun-agriculture, which generates water-energy-food.
Finally, of course there will be space dedicated to tourism, ''Israel's true pearl''.
The spirit of the pavilion is a win-win game in which the real face of Israel is presented, where everyone can play as a starting point of innovation.
So, what are you waiting for? Get your ticket!