Jerusalemites: Anwaar's & Saad's story

Saad didn't want to be photographed. Anwar proudly represents and
runs his business in the Old City.
Saad: “We’re against occupation, this is the problem in Jerusalem. Jerusalem is sad because of it. I hate seeing military around the city. I have never seen any place in the world which does not allow its citizens to practice their religion. In which city in the world does it happen? Only in Jerusalem. They close our holy places during our hours of practice. I look 70 years old but I am at my 40’s. This summarizes my story.
Anwar: “I was born in Jerusalem, it’s the love of my life! The city is unique. It makes you feel like the whole. You know, I wanted to study criminology but I ended up studying business. I did open this shop because the dreams in Jerusalem really come true.”