Hopefully one can sleep in a Cadillac

There is an old woman, a survivor, clinging to whatever shred of dignity she can still muster. But then the lapses occur, and she cant recall anything at all.
There''s a daughter, trying desperately to take care of her (although the mother certainly had not ''mothered'' in an ''up to snuff'' manner in earlier times), but the arrogant, weakening, old woman WON''T HEAR OF being robbed of her illusionary independence - her ego is still FRONT and CENTER.
There is dischord and dysfunction, misery and EGO, and mounds of INDIGNATION.
There are case workers, examiners, CPAs, Rabbis, CEOs and HASIDIM AND NOBODY can think of what to do to HELP these two individuals - and the gap is growing wider.
The anger is turning to RAGE. Popeye stopped eating that spinach THIRTY YEARS AGO, and the meatloaf has most certainly congealed into white blobs of fatty matter!!
Hopefully, one can sleep in a CADILLAC... for he who reneges on his promise, is certain to RUE the day.
And so it goes...