Miracle creation

Do miracles exist,
or are they simply the outcome of PURE and utterly devotional prayer?
I myself have experienced what I call a miracle more than once in my life. For me, it''s gone something like this: I ask GOD for something - something that I REALLY, REALLY NEED in order to continue on my path, in order to continue ''doing for others.''
Allow me to qualify this: In order to have your prayers answered you must first determine first whether those prayers will serve the "greater good."
There can be NO wavering from this singular, basic prerequisite. You must remain TRUE to the bigger picture. So I''ve asked - begged really - for HELP, for GUIDANCE, for INTERVENTION really.
as I live and breathe, my friends, I have seen the light of redemption and DIVINITY within MOMENTS of the prayer - WITHIN MOMENTS - in wholly TANGIBLE ways so that there can be no denying the origin of said ''''MIRACLE.''
This takes some practice and an ENORMOUS amount of ''INTROSPECTION.'' In other words, checking oneself constantly for IMPURE AGENDA, etc.
Lofty, to be sure, but take this as EXPERT ADVICE and go make some miracles!
Do miracles exist?