Observations about FACEBOOK...

This will, most definitely, disturb many of you. Truth be told, it disturbs ME, even as I''m writing it. Nonetheless, I feel it is imperative to make mention of the WEIRDLY DISCONCERTING "fallout" from FACEBOOK...

So it began somewhat innocently born of PURE CURIOSITY and this incredulous ability, or so they told us. To CONNECT with people from our collective past AND our present and EVEN with people whom it would be beneficial to know, in certain cases, going forward.

They said it would "GOOD FOR BUSINESS."

And as it turns out THEY were 100% correct.

And so the WORLD has carved out a space for FACEBOOK, hours even and they live, somehow, vicariously THROUGH this INTERNET base.

And, my friends, it would seem that people are indeed "losing their way."

I know of one couple on FACEBOOK who ''friended'' each other, FELL IN LOVE and LEFT THEIR RESPECTIVE FAMILIES! GET THIS without EVER having PHYSICALLY MET ! I SWEAR to you that this happened! How bizarre is that? How DYSFUNCTIONAL?
But what REALLY got to me was this: I had been ''friended'' by a guy on FACEBOOK, whom I knew from my adult life here in New York and we decided to chat on the phone. We got around to, "What do you do at night?" and "What do you do for FUN?"
And his response was SO singularly honest and so viscerally poignant that it never completely left me. He said (I''m quoting) "I don''t go out anymore. I spend ALL my free time on FACEBOOK."

I was totally taken aback- a life spent sitting at a computer?


And then the cou de gras…

When I overheard 2 people talking the other day: One was asking WHOM the other was "friends" with (in REAL life!) and the person kind of shook their head in embarrassment because she had NO MORE PERSONAL, PHYSICAL relationships left!

Her ENTIRE social life was FACEBOOK!
Thoughts ?