I sit here, perched upon my glass treehouse in Manhattan, considering the significant events that WENT DOWN this week in this ''fair country.'' If a government could be OVERTHROWN by an election, then I suppose that that''s EXACTLY what happened. In case you have not heard, the US has a relatively new PRESIDENT, who, upon continued observation and heady scrutiny, is NOT OUR FRIEND.
So this week was the beginning of the end for the ''sorry pres,'' as the conservatives began to take over The House of Representatives, etc. I won''t bore you with the political ''hoo haa,'' but suffice it to say that it''s looking rather bleak for the Democrats.
So what does this mean for Israel? For us, as Jews? Actually, this is SO SIGNIFICANT for ''us'' as a people, as a nation, that I FIND MYSELF, FOR ONCE, AT A VERITABLE ''loss for words.''
Nonetheless, the assignment here is to BLOG, so I''d better find me some words ''post haste!'' Needless to say, we, ''en masse'', as JEWS, AMERICANS and CITIZENS OF THE FREE WORLD would simply cease to exist in any kind of ''real time'', without the MOTHERLAND - OUR GORGEOUS ISRAEL - having her security and her dignity CEMENTED into place. Israel is the NUCLEUS, the EPICENTER, of our theology, our history and our very humanity.
Here in the US, we have been experiencing some horrifically frustrating and freightening times, with the veritable onslaught of ''foreigners'' migrating to this country. It has actually felt like somewhat of an ''infiltration'' of OUR ENEMIES into our free world. It''s difficult to describe and quite insidious,actually, in its nature. Nonetheless, this ''influx'' has made American citizens, especially Jews, feel disconcerted, uncomfortable in our OWN COUNTRY.
Yesterday''s election, I firmly believe, is the beginning of the end of that disconcertion. We  shall see, MI COMPADRES!  WE SHALL SEE!
Don''t worry! I promise to talk about SEX next time!