Who predicts how things will play out?

The couple walked into the room, looking as if they''d never missed a beat. One would have guessed that they were still married, from the oddly familiar repartee between them.

Relationships are a complicated business. One could, quite literally,forget all that had gone before: the pain, the betrayal, the sheer acrimony of just a ''short while ago.'' For in the midst of the turmoil and the angst and the ever-undulating, gelatinous mess, were two, lonely hearts.
Simple as that. Two irreparably, broken hearts, still beating wih the ''tiny'' glimmer of hope that somehow, somwhere, things would ''work out.''
We fight very, very hard in order to hold our banner of pride in place. We carry that chip upon our shoulders as a trophy, even. For in some perverse way, our very dignity lies within the depths of our veritable loss.
We are a complex bunch, us human beings. We need love in order to survive really. And yet, that love ends up tearing us apart. We are effectively,"damned if we DO and damned if we DON"T".
Even the "couple" lost themselves in the familiar moment. But something was amiss.
It appeared that they were no longer, in point of fact, that same couple: the amorous, volatile twosome they''d once been. Time had moved passed their ''coupling'' season, and had sent them in vastly different directions. They simply extended hands, and they bid eachother adieu.